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Anyone has seen Dr Roland Chieng from Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore?

I am thinking to go through fertility treatment, anyone has gone through fertility treatment in Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore?


Can anyone share how to get the morning after pill in Singapore? 

Can anyone share how to get the morning after pills/emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) in Singapore? Would it be possible to get it over the counter without prescriptions?


Any muslim here from Malaysia went to clinic to test STD?

Hi, I am Muslim and I suspect I have Chlamydia. I haven't married my boyfriend and I am the still early 20s. I want to go clinic to check up and get treatment, but I am afraid that doctors/nurses from the clinic see that I had intercourse before marriage and report it. Could anyone share the experience that you went to STD clinics in Malaysia as a Muslim?


Any clinics that I can get free/cheap STDs check in Malaysia?

I think I have gonorrhea. The symptoms match up. I know it's not the worst of STDs, but I think I need to see a doctor as soon as possible so that the symptom doesn't get worse. I've felt the symptoms for a while now and noticed that it's getting worse. I have visited two clinics in Damansara. It would cost me RM250 just for a check-up and I really can't afford it. Anyone can suggest a clinic that can offer cheaper STD check-up and treatment?


Does anyone know how to wash out the blood that stained the underwear?

I have been using normal detergent to wash out the blood on the panties. However, it won't wash out completely but it has still some marks I can see. I am looking for soap or a way to remove completely from the panties.


Is tampon painful to use?

I have been using a period pad when I have a period, but as I am going on vacation to swim on the beach I would like to have tampons. Is it painful to use?


Is tampon better than pads?

I have been using period pads, but many of my friends are using tampons. They say it is easier as it doesn't require to change as often as pads, but I am worried to use tampons as I have itchiness sometimes when I use pads. I think I have sensitive skins down there. Normally people think tampons better rather than pads?


Is tampon safe for swimming?

I am going to use tampons while I swim on the beach. Is tampon safe to use for swimming? I am worried that the blood or tampon itself comes out while I am swimming.


What should I do to remove armpit hair?

I use a razor to remove it, but it leaves black patches on my skin. I can't lift my arms. I've heard that shaving makes them thicker, so I'm wondering if I should pluck them or go to a hair removal salon.

Feb 15CHGR2 answers

Should I try to tolerate pain during menstruation without taking medication?

When I am on my period, I get menstrual cramps, which are very painful in the lower part of my stomach. It may be because I'm having my period, but the pain in my stomach is quite painful. Is there any way to make it a little easier?

Feb 15DRIR2 answers

Where should I test STD in Honolulu?

I am based in Honolulu, and I want to test STDs. Any suggestions? If there is a home test kit, that would be better.


How old do I have to be to buy condoms?

I am 15 years old and I want to buy condoms. Is it no issue for me to buy condoms at my age?

Feb 13JU1 answer

My girlfriend seems uncomfortable when I try to do something sexual with her. ?

She's too serious, or she doesn't want to do anything sexual with her, she looks at me with disdain. Other couples are kissing and going beyond that, but nothing is happening with us. I wonder if she likes me.

Feb 13GRCH2 answers

Everytime I go date with my boyfriend, he always asks for sex. Is this normal?

Every time I and my boyfriend have a date, he always asks to have a date at home. The only thing we do is have sex. He says he loves me, but even I ask him to go outside for the date he never listened to me. Is this normal? Do you think he loves me?

Feb 13CHGRCH3 answers

What is the best way to clean bed sheets after having sex?

What is the best way to clean bed sheet after the sex? Everytime I have sex with my husband, the bed sheet gets wet and it is a lot of work to clean everytime. Is there best way to clean the sheet?

Feb 13CH1 answer

What is menopause, and at what age does it start?

I am almost 45 years old and I already feel my period is getting more iregular. Would like to know what menopause be like.

Feb 13DR1 answer

What should I do to stop having sex with people who I don't know?

I am an extremely lonely person. On days when I'm lonely and can't help it, I have sex with people I've never met before. I like sex. I love sex, but I really want to have loving sex with someone I love and am in a relationship with. But because I do this all the time, I'm rumored to be a slut at school and in my hometown. So all the boys who come to me don't really like me, they just want to fuck me. But I feel happy about that. From their point of view, they may just be friends with me, but I'm very happy about that. I'm glad that they acknowledge my existence as a friendship. But I hate myself like this. I hate myself so much that I can only fill my loneliness with sex. How can I be confident in myself without having sex, and how can I make myself feel less lonely?

Feb 13GR1 answer

Which method of contraception suits me?

I have been using condoms since we had second children, but it is not comfortable and troublesome. I am 41 years old and my husband is 42 years old. We don't wish to have children anymore. Which method of contraception suits me?


Is it normal for semen to leak out after sex?

I have recently started thinking about having a baby. I have never had sex without using a condom before. The other day I didn't use condoms, but later sperm leaked out of my vagina. Is this normal? I thought that all the semen is supposed to go into the vagina to conceive. Or is there something wrong with that?

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After a miscarriage, I can no longer get wet during intercourse. Does anyone know if this is normal to experience?

After my early miscarriage (chemical miscarriage) in January, my period has been normal, but the amount of blood has become a little smaller. My period used to last about six days, but now it lasts only four days. Is this a sign that I am having trouble conceiving?  Also, after my miscarriage, I have not been able to get wet during intercourse at all. My gynecologist said it was a psychological thing, but is there nothing I can do but wait for it to go away naturally?  I am currently using lube, but I am also wondering if it will have any effect on my fetus if I get pregnant while using the lube.

Feb 13PE1 answer

Which has a better chance of conception, targeting the day of ovulation or having intercourse multiple times a week?

I am a 30-year-old woman and have been married for one year. I'm trying to conceive, but I haven't been to a fertility clinic yet. I often hear that it is easier to get pregnant if I have intercourse on the ovulation day. However, which is easier to get pregnant, having sex only on your ovulation day or having sex as often as possible?  I simply thought that having sex more often would make it easier to get pregnant, but my husband says that having sex every day is not a good idea because it thins the semen. I have a feeling that it will be harder to get pregnant if semen stays in testes too long, but how often should I have sex (how many times a week) to have the best chance of getting pregnant?

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