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Can I get pregnant just after my period has finished?

I just had sex with my boyfriend and it was just after my period has finished. He didn't wear condoms and I don't take pills. But I believe the pregnancy happens only on ovulation day which is 14days after the period, so is it safe to have sex without condoms?

Feb 02AL1 answer

How should I get checked for STDs without my parents knowing in Singapore?

I am 15 years old and I think I have gotten STDs. I have checked online and the symptoms seem related. I want to go see doctors to get checked, but I really don't want my parents to know about it. Is there any way to go check without my parents knowing in Singapore?

Feb 01AL1 answer

How do I remove period blood from clothes?

I always stain bedsheets and my underwear when I have my period. It's really hard to remove the stain even after I attempt to wash it right away. How do I remove these stains completely?

Feb 01GR1 answer

How do I tell my partner I don't want to have sex with him?

I love my partner, but I don't want to have sex with him. Is it possible to do this?

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How can I react when my partner says he doesn’t want to use condoms?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 1 year and I am 21 years old. He always tells me doesn't want to wear condoms, but I am really worried about getting pregnant. However, it's really difficult to tell him to wear after we start.. is there any good way to tell him to wear condoms?

Jan 31KR1 answer

What is the ejaculation avarage time for man?

I don't know if there is a standard for premature or delayed ejaculation. I have a feeling that I have premature ejaculation...

Jan 31DR1 answer

How often do women masturbate?

Is it weird for a girl to masturbate? Also, if girls masturbate too, how much do they all masturbate in a week?

Jan 31DR1 answer

How often should I change sanitary napkins?

I don't know when to change my sanitary napkin. How often should I change it?

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Is Japan's Tenga Cup product popular among men?

Have you used Tenga Cup and how do you find it? Is it as good as others?

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Is there expiration day for condoms?

Is there any kind of expiration date on condoms? I'm wondering if it's safe to use condoms that have been in the house for years without being used.

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Does condoms really work to prevent STDs?

Do condoms really work to prevent STDs? What’s the best brand and which type of condom is most effective? Is there any other way to prevent STDs without condoms?

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How do I know if my girlfriend was a cum or not?

She says she has cum, but I don't think she did as she doesn't look like it. What is the sign of girls having cum?


My wife bleeds during sex ?

I'm 36 years old, my wife is 34 years old, and we've been married for 10 years. Before we got married, we were in a relationship for a year and a half, but from that time on she was always bleeding, not menstruating. It doesn't seem to be a problem with my size or the way I fuck, because it seems like she was bleeding even before she started dating me. The amount of blood is so much, and I folded two bath towels underneath, it would soak through to the sheets.... She says it is not painful, but I don't feel it's right to have sex even she is bleeding so much. Is this normal for women?


Do you think I am pregnant?

On the third day of my period, my boyfriend did not wear a condom. Normally, there is less blood on the third day, but there was a lot of blood and my period lasted longer than usual. After that, my stomach and uterus hurt a lot, my back hurt a lot, and I felt a little nauseous. But I have an appetite and feel hungry even after eating. I have a white and watery discharge. Is it possible that I'm pregnant?


Going through a sexless marriage. What should I do?

I'm 24, my husband is 32 years. I don't think we've done it for about a month. It's not that he doesn't want to, but his sex drive seems to have dropped off a lot since he was over 30, especially recently. He says it's not that he doesn't like me or thinks I'm unattractive, but I'm worried. I'm worried that he doesn't love me anymore. I know that sex isn't the only form of love, but I'm still in my early twenties, so I want to have some kind of physical relationship with him. Should I be patient?


Should I give my boyfriend a blowjob?

I hate giving blowjobs, but my boyfriend keeps asking me to do it. Do men like receiving blowjobs so much? Would you be shocked if I said I didn't want to do it?


Is it normal to feel pain after sex?

My vigina hurts a lot after the sex. My boyfriend can last really long like 1 hour, and I like it. However, every time after the sex I have a rubbing pain and it needs 1 week to recover to normal condition. I think it is just too much rubbing, but is there any way to prevent getting pain? Should I use lube? Any suggested lube in Malaysia?


My wife thinks of other guy while she is masturbating?

I knew that my wife was masturbating. We have sex three or four times a week. I didn't even tell her to stop masturbating. The other day, when I asked her about her masturbation, she told me that she had fallen in love at first sight with a co-worker of mine and was using it to masturbate. He said he didn't have any feelings for her, he just thought she was cool. However, I was filled with intense jealousy and couldn't help myself. It's hard to interpret in my mind that he actually wants to fuck her. Am I being too sensitive? Please tell me if it is just thinking or if you have a desire to get laid.


How do you think of labia minora hypertrophy?

I would like to talk to about a problem I have had for a long time. I have always had a problem with my vagina. Mine has a big billowing thing sticking out. I was curious, so I looked it up and found out that it was called labia minora hypertrophy. It's weird to look at, and I'm not very active in relationships because of it. I have never had a boyfriend, even though I am 22 years old. I am really worried that I will be rejected when it comes time to have sex. I'd love to hear from anyone who's had the same thing as me, or anyone who's had labia minora reduction surgery. Also, if there are any men out there, I'd like to hear what you think about women like this, even if it's harsh.


Can a marriage survive without sex?

Haven't had sex in a while and I'm worried my marriage might fall apart. I love him very much but have lots of insecurity on this area.


My boyfriend seems very distant. How do I know he's not cheating on me?

He has been very withdrawn lately. I'm worried. I don't want to break up with him.

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