Where should I have IVF in Malaysia?

I’m scrolling through the posts to look for recommendations and see some doctors popping up frequently:

- KL Fertility: dr Helena and dr Prashant
- Alpha: dr Leong
- Metro: dr Tee
- Sunfert: dr Wong

I think I’ll plan a virtual consultation with some of them to see if there is a personal fit, but if you have any feedback you’d like to share, it’d be very welcome.

I’m 38 years old, TTC for 5 years, have a history of miscarriages, and only one tube left after an ectopic.

In my last IVF in Singapore, we got 12 eggs, but only 4 fertilized.

We’re looking for a dr who’s experienced with more complex patients, is open to having a discussion.


Suanie Che

19 Feb, 2022

1 Answer


Halana Lam


When I first met Dr Prashant, he recommended that I buy eggs from other women because of the outcome of my 1st round of IVF cycle with Dr Helena, where he totally agreed with Dr Helena that my case was a hopeless case. Dr Prashant was serious about doing a good job once he started with my 2nd round of IVF cycle. He made it very clear which health supplements were most important at each different phase. Dr Prashant was very professional. He even revealed to me some of the results from my 1st round of IVF cycle, which Dr Helena had kept a secret.

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