Has anyone had fertility treatment with Dr. Helena Lim Yun Hsuen from KL fertility center?

I am undergoing infertility and looking at the KL fertility center for my treatment. I have researched about it and I saw Dr. Helena Lim Yun Hsuen is well known and famous.
Has anyone had her treatment? How was the experience?


Suanie Che

19 Feb, 2022

1 Answer


Halana Lam


Dr Helena Lim Yun Hsuen is an advocate of unnecessary medicines and treatments to jack up patients' bills. I went to Dr Helena Lim Yun Hsuen for my first round of IVF. Even on the 1st day itself, I administered more than one jab as she prescribed and the number of jabs increased over time. At the end of the IVF cycle, I got unnecessary pain, stress and big bills. When I switched to Dr Prashant for my 2nd round of IVF, I mainly administered one jab each day and I gave birth to a healthy baby.

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