What should I do to remove armpit hair?

I use a razor to remove it, but it leaves black patches on my skin. I can't lift my arms.

I've heard that shaving makes them thicker, so I'm wondering if I should pluck them or go to a hair removal salon.


Suanie Che

13 Feb, 2022

2 Answers


Christina Morgan

Sex Therapist

The black patches on your armpits are annoying, aren't they?

I used to shave my armpits with a razor, making them bleed.

Shaving doesn't make the hair thicker, but it makes the cross-section of the tip of the hair look bigger, so it looks thicker.

If the hairs look thicker, as a result, it's the same as getting thicker in the end, don't you think...

Pulling out the hairs was also extremely painful until I got used to it, and there were times when my pores got red and infected.

When I think about it now, I don't stare at other people's armpits that much, and even if my armpit hair had grown a little bit or had patches, I would just think, "It'll grow back soon, right?

When I was a university student, I saved up and went to an aesthetic salon for permanent hair removal.

It was a small salon in a rural area, but it took about a year without any major problems, and I was able to keep my armpit skin beautiful.

On the other hand, I heard from other friends that they were burdened by the persistent solicitation for other courses at the salon, saying You want to be beautiful, don't you?

Grace Howard


This is the age when you are likely to experience changes in your body due to secondary sexual characteristics. Armpit hair is one of them.

It is said that the hair cycle stabilizes around the age of 20, but if you are concerned about it, dermatologists can help you reduce it.

It is recommended that you go to a hospital that offers medical hair removal to avoid damaging the skin, but it is also a good idea to make sure that there is an experienced doctor who can provide you with prior counseling.

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