What are the characteristics of a sexually addicted woman? What causes sex addiction and how does it differ from just having a high sex drive?

I feel I am addicted to sex.
What is the definition of sex addiction?
Any medication to cure if I am addicted?


Lisa Morris

13 Feb, 2022

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Grace Howard


Sex addiction is a type of disease that is diagnosed as an addiction, just like alcoholism.

It is an excessive obsession and urges for sex and sex-related matters that one cannot stop.
Sex addiction is sometimes misunderstood as just having a strong sexual desire and liking sex, but it is completely different.

If you are worried that you might be a sex addict, first take a look at the characteristics of what sex addiction is.

Once you have the right knowledge, you will see that it is not something to be ashamed of, and it will be easier to take action for treatment.

 The correct diagnostic name is Sexual Preference Disorder, which is defined as excessive sex disorder.

It is characterized by a feeling of happiness and affection only during sexual intercourse and the ability to forget about anxiety and stress. Some people are also overly absorbed in sexual fantasies and masturbation in addition to sexual activity.

This refers to people who can't stop doing things with an unspecified number of people and is a different problem from mere love of sex.

For example, the desire to have a lot of sex with the same boyfriend or the habit of cheating on him is not sex addiction.

In addition, sex addiction does not develop from sexual activity into love, and the person continues to have relationships with many partners, even though he or she feels barren.

Sex addiction is a condition in which a person is unable to stop the urge to seek.
A study by Janna Dickenson and her colleagues at the University of Minnesota in the U.S. found that about 9% of the U.S. population has experienced strong sexual urges or compulsions that they cannot control.

The ratio of males to females is 10.3%, and 7.0%, with no gender difference.
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The cause of sex addiction

  • Violence or sexual abuse as a child
    Sexual abuse or violence by parents in childhood can be very traumatic and affect the mind even after one has grown up. These childhood traumas are considered to be one of the causes of sex addiction.

    Because they were not loved at a young age, the desire to be loved more remains unresolved, and they try to relieve it through sex. When they have sex, they feel that they are needed by their partner, which leads them to have sex repeatedly.

    In psychology, it is said that there is a "phallic period" in childhood when a girl has a strong love for her parent of the opposite sex; the psychologist Freud's theory is that around the age of 4-6, girls seek a penis that they do not have.

    The relationship with the father at this time can affect a woman's love life in many ways. This suggests that the absence of a father or lack of affection during childhood may also be a cause of sex addiction.

  • Growing up extremely spoiled.
    In many cases, the cause of sex addiction is related to the parent-child relationship during childhood, and it can be triggered by issues other than abuse or lack of love. Although the opposite of abuse and lack of love, growing up extremely spoiled is also considered to be a factor in causing sex addiction.

    When parents spoil their children and anticipate what they will do, they become highly dependent on others and have a strong need to be loved and protected. When they are having sex, they feel loved and cared for, so they try to satisfy this need through sexual activity.

  • Parents are extremely neurotic
    Parents' personalities can influence their children and make them sex addicts.

    Overly nervous parents tend to overreact to their children's mistakes. This hypersensitivity will be passed on to the child, and the child will be more likely to be jumpy and hypersensitive. They are more likely to look at others and feel anxious at the slightest thing and become dependent on sex as a way to forget their anxiety.

    One of the reasons is that parents are controlling and strict with their children. This increases dependence on others from a different direction than being pampered, causing sex dependence.

  • Trying to satisfy loneliness and anxiety with sex.
    I'm not lonely because he wants me!
    The root of sex addiction is loneliness and anxiety.
    The root of sex addiction is loneliness and insecurity, and the person tries to fill the unfulfilled loneliness and insecurity with sex.
    During sex, you don't have to worry about loneliness and anxiety because your partner is actively seeking you, even if only temporarily. The experience becomes ingrained in our brains, and when things get tough, we look to sex for solutions.
    Sex just to avoid stress is unlikely to lead to a real loving relationship, and will not fundamentally satisfy the heart. Therefore, in an attempt to satisfy the heart, they will change partners one after another and ask for it again and again.

  • Trying to compensate for low self-esteem through sex
    In many cases, sex addicts have low self-esteem. When they have low self-esteem, they tend to worry about what others think of them and feel deeply depressed, thinking that they are not good enough even if they make a small mistake.
    They are unable to accept themselves as they are, and find their value only through the appreciation and favor of others. As a result, they tend to be obsessed with sex that makes them feel wanted, and are prone to sex addiction.

It is believed that sex addiction is a psychological disease and that it has nothing to do with the strength of one's will or whether one likes or dislikes sex.

It does not mean that you are dependent on it because your will is weak, and you can become a sex addict whether you like sex or not. Many sex addicts would be troubled by the fact that they cannot enjoy sex and are in a state of dependence.

Since the disease develops completely independent of one's will, it is best to get proper treatment without overwhelming or worrying about oneself.

Treatment method 1: Receive counseling and support programs

Talk to a medical professional for treatment.

Sex addiction is a type of disease called "sexual preference disorder. Therefore, if you want to be treated properly, treatment by a professional doctor is the safest way to go. Treatment for sexual preference disorder is available at specialized medical institutions such as psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. Under the supervision of a doctor with specialized knowledge, counseling, group therapy, and other support programs are provided to help you overcome the problem.

Treatment method 2: Join a self-help group

If you want to overcome sex addiction, there are ways to keep yourself on your feet through self-disclosure and coexistence with your peers in a self-help group. A self-help group is a place where peers with the same illness or disability gather. They can share stories that can only be understood by the people involved.

Specialized treatment for sex addiction is available at medical institutions, but it is also a good idea to join a self-help group. Self-help groups may be suitable for those who distrust their doctors and feel that they don't understand their pain.

Treatment method 3: Solve stress and worries in ways other than sex.

There are things you can do on your own to combat sex addiction. Try to find ways to relieve stress other than sex in your daily life. When sex addicts are stressed, worried, or anxious, they turn to sexual activity. However, finding a hobby that you can indulge in more than sex may help improve your addiction.

It is important to choose hobbies that are healthy and not harmful to the body, such as exercise, karaoke, handicrafts, and cooking.

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