Do men like women with large breasts?

I have my small breasts.
Do men like women with large breasts?
Will the person I like to be attracted to me if I have large breasts?


Barbara Parker

6 Feb, 2022

1 Answer

Grace Howard


I also have small breasts, and I was very concerned about them when I was a teenager, I even tried to apply a breast enhancement gel to my breasts when I was in high school without telling my family and friends. 

When I was a college student, I started buying underwear with my own money, and I used bras with lots of padding to make my breasts look bigger.

However, the ones with thick padding don't dry well, so be careful of that fresh-dry smell!

However, I don't think that many of the partners I've had have been concerned about the size of my breasts. 

As I have grown older, I have had many experiences and have come to terms with myself, and now I am quite happy with my small breasts.

They are small and don't sway, they are balanced with my muscular and slender body shape, and when I look at them closely, they look cute... I don't usually say this, but when I write it down again, I love them more.

I think that people who run over you or change their attitude towards you because of the size of your breasts are the kind of people who judge and evaluate you based on one part of your body, not what's inside of you.

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