Why can't I get or stay hard?

Every time when I have sex, I ejaculate in 3-5 minutes. What should I do to keep it hard longer?


Harold Stewart

6 Feb, 2022

1 Answer


Peter Kim

United States

The definition of Premature Ejaculation (PE) is below :

  1. Ejaculation always occurs before or within one minute of vaginal penetration.
  2. There is little or no ability to delay ejaculation during vaginal penetration.

  3. Intercourse results in negative personal experiences/outcomes such as pain, worry, frustration, or avoidance of intercourse.

Ref. ISSM definition of Primary Premature Ejaculation

Some tips may help you to keep hard for longer. 

  1. Treat the foreskin
    If you have hypersensitive premature ejaculation, you may be able to cure it by getting used to external stimulation.
    If you have a foreskin, your glans are usually protected by the foreskin, so there is no direct contact with anything. The nerves in the penis are more sensitive, and even the slightest stimulation can cause immediate ejaculation.
    Therefore, by having foreskin surgery and keeping the glans exposed at all times, you can gradually get the penis used to the stimulation. If you have foreskin and premature ejaculation, surgery may be able to improve this situation.

  2. Do training to keep longer
    Training is necessary to cure premature ejaculation.
    The foreskin is not the only cause of premature ejaculation. It is a combination of factors such as condition, mentality, and muscle strength that lead to premature ejaculation.

    To improve your ejaculation, you need to train yourself to control your ejaculation by repeating the act of "stopping just before ejaculation when masturbating". By being aware of this sensation after your foreskin has been treated, you can improve the habit you had when you had a foreskin.

  3. Use thicker condoms.
    You can also prevent premature ejaculation by using a thicker condom during sexual intercourse. In some cases, simply fixing your foreskin or doing some training may not be enough to improve your premature ejaculation. In such cases, thicker condoms used during sexual intercourse can reduce stimulation and delay ejaculation.

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