Any good way to reduce pain during sex?

I have been having pain during sex. It was extremely painful for the first intercourse, but I thought it would be better over time.
However, I still feel more pain than pleasure during sex.

I actually have been to the doctor to check up on what is wrong with me, but there was nothing wrong.

Any suggestion on how to reduce the pain during sex?


Hannah Ortiz

5 Feb, 2022

1 Answer


Andrea Ramos

United States

I used to have the same issues.

My friend recommended using ohnut , which is a rubber ring that is to be put on a penis.
With ohnut you can adjust how much penetration you want based on how comfortable you are, and as the ring touches your clitoris so that makes you feel good also. 

It actually helped me to reduce the pain and I still use it once in a while. 
However, I don't feel too much pain even without ohnut after for about few month of using ohnut. 

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