Is it normal for semen to leak out after sex?

I have recently started thinking about having a baby.
I have never had sex without using a condom before.

The other day I didn't use condoms, but later sperm leaked out of my vagina. Is this normal?
I thought that all the semen is supposed to go into the vagina to conceive. Or is there something wrong with that?


Megan Kelly

5 Feb, 2022

1 Answer


Peter Kim

United States

Yes, it is normal to leak. 

The vagina is normally shaped thin.
When a penis is inserted, it becomes cylindrical. 

It is like putting your arm through the sleeve of a flattened piece of clothing.
When the penis is pulled out of the vagina after ejaculation, the vagina goes back to its original shape again. 

This causes the semen to flow outward. 

At this time, the sperm in the semen ejected into the back of the vagina has already begun to swim towards the uterus on its own. Even if a little bit of semen leaks out, it will not affect the pregnancy. There is no need to worry about it.

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