Is it possible to use condoms again?

I use condoms regularly, but I feel it is wasted every time I throw them away. Is it possible to use it again?


Wayne Watson

31 Jan, 2022

2 Answers


Philip Jones

United States

NEVER re-use a condom during sex. 

The old condom could be damaged, or contain sperm residue when taken off. Some of it might even leak or spillover to the opposite side.

To be safe, just use a new condom anytime you take an old one off. And be sure to wear it correctly.

Dr. Nahoko Ishizaki

United States

Use only one condom per sex. Make sure to use a new one each time.

A condom that has been used once may be contaminated with sperm and other pathogenic viruses through semen, which can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the condoms should be cleaned before use. There is also the possibility that the condom will be damaged due to "scratches on the body during washing" or "deterioration of the material during drying".

It is also important to be careful if you put the condom on the wrong side.
Even before ejaculation, semen may have gotten on the condom, so use a new condom.

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