How old do I have to be to buy condoms?

I am 15 years old and I want to buy condoms.
Is it no issue for me to buy condoms at my age?


Ralph Kelly

31 Jan, 2022

1 Answer


Julia Cox

Sexual Eductor

Before any person picks up a condom, there is one important thing that must be confirmed with the partner before starting intercourse (sex).

This is to obtain sexual consent.

Without consent, intercourse and all other sexual activities can harm your partner and your body and mind.

Because your partner is important to you, and because you are important to him/her, it is important to make sure that you have given your consent in order to protect each other's dignity.

If you are wondering, "How do I know if I have given my sexual consent?", you can refer the video below.

Reference: "Consent - it's simple as tea".

You may want to refer to this video and have a conversation with your child about what it means to have consent and why it is important to have consent.

Ideally, women should also have condoms for "contraception" and "prevention of sexually transmitted diseases."

There is a strong image that condoms should be purchased by men, and women generally accept the condoms selected by men.

What if a man does not have a condom when the time comes? There is a risk of having intercourse (sex) without a condom.

Some people say, "I'm fine because I'm on the pill," but condoms are not contraceptive but rather serve to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Women are encouraged to have their own condoms to protect themselves and their bodies.

Common questions about where to buy condoms

If you've never bought a condom before, you may be surprised to learn where condoms are sold. We've compiled a list of common questions about buying condoms.

Condoms can be purchased at convenience stores, pharmacies (drugstores), and other familiar stores, as well as online.

Condoms are not adult products, but controlled medical devices. 

Is there an age limit for condoms?

There are no legal restrictions on the age of the purchaser of condoms.(However, it is assumed that they understand the responsibility that comes with sexual intercourse and the importance of sexual consent.)

If you are embarrassed to buy in a store, try using the Internet.

Even just buying a condom can be embarrassing, but if you have a lot of concerns, you may hesitate to buy one. That's why it's necessary to choose a store or brand where you can buy with peace of mind.

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