Any good tampons that doesn't spill while I am doing cheerleading?

I do cheerleading and my school's costume is white pants.
Last month when I had a performance, so I wear huge napkins to make sure the blood doesn't come out.
However, one of my teammates told me she could see my napkins from the costume. I am looking for tampons to wear when I do cheerleading, but I am not sure which brand is good enough for cheerleading. Any advise?


Sophia Morris

31 Jan, 2022

1 Answer


Julia Cox

Sexual Eductor

If you are based in the US, you can try sequel. 

Sequel has invented tampons for distraction-free periods.

The company’s proprietary spiral design is more fluid mechanically efficient, meaning it absorbs fluid more evenly and won’t leak before it’s full.

Also, what you can do is, you wear tampons and you can wear small napkins on top. 
It might be troublesome for you, but it will help you not to wear huge napkins but can prevent leaking. 

Hope this helps your concerns!

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