What's the right age to start having sex?

I am 15 years old.
It's been said that you can't drink until you're 21, and you can't vote until you're 18, but at what age is it okay to have sex? No one will tell me.


Vincent Thomas

31 Jan, 2022

2 Answers


Angela Lin


There is no "right age" to start having sex, but you should only do it when you are ready, and not when you're lonely or under "peer pressure".

In your teenage years, you might feel as though all your peers are "doing it", but that is not true.

Studies have found that less than 30% of teens under the age of 18 have lost their virginity. Don't let the noise of a few basketball boys confuse you into thinking everyone is doing it.

People who don't have sex usually don't tell others they're not having sex.

Alicia Che

Women’s Health Specialist

The most important thing you want to know is, Sex is not like masturbation, you need a partner.

If you can't think about how sex can help you and your partner grow and be happy, you're not ready for sex.

Masturbating with your partner's body will hurt your partner.

Sex can result in sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and even domestic violence.

Do you think you are ready to handle those things?
Even adults can make mistakes, so I recon it's not just a matter of age, depends on how ready you are for the potential events in the furutre. 

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