What should I do to stop having sex with people who I don't know?

I am an extremely lonely person.

On days when I'm lonely and can't help it, I have sex with people I've never met before. I like sex.

I love sex, but I really want to have loving sex with someone I love and am in a relationship with.

But because I do this all the time, I'm rumored to be a slut at school and in my hometown.

So all the boys who come to me don't really like me, they just want to fuck me. But I feel happy about that.
From their point of view, they may just be friends with me, but I'm very happy about that. I'm glad that they acknowledge my existence as a friendship.
But I hate myself like this. I hate myself so much that I can only fill my loneliness with sex. How can I be confident in myself without having sex, and how can I make myself feel less lonely?


Natalie Anderson

31 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Grace Howard


You may be trying to protect yourself by doing so, but it's not what you want.

It's not that it's bad or good, but it can make you feel even more lonely and hurt, so I'm worried about you. 

As time goes by, I think some feelings will gradually change. 

Rather than burying the feelings of loneliness, I think it would be better if you could find a way to live with them.

I think there will be many more encounters in the future with things that I want to cherish, things that I like, and things that I can put my energy into. 

I hope that you will not deny yourself, but support yourself as you try your best to overcome the current situation.

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