Is it normal to come multiple times?

I am a housewife.

My husband and I have had sex about six times recently, about once every two weeks.

Before that, we hadn't had sex for three years, but I started to ask him out.

All of a sudden, I had never come before...but when it was over, my body would not stop shaking and I would feel good over and over again.

It took me a while to understand that this was a light orgasm, but I figured it out.

I think I came total 10 times, is this normal or something wrong with my body?


Joyce Ho

31 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Alicia Che

Women’s Health Specialist

About seven in ten women may achieve as many as 20 orgasms during sex, say researchers.

It is common to experience multiple orgasms, but according to a recent study.

According to researchers, 2% women reported being able to orgasms 20 times in a single session while 8% claimed to have more than 10 during sex.

Despite the majority regularly achieving between one and four orgasms, four out of five were unable to reach orgasm through penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation.

A small amount of women, 12%, reported experiencing pain during orgasm.

The results also revealed, nearly 40% of women said that they had done it at some stage in their lives.

ref. Not one, two or five, women can have over 20 orgasms in a row 

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