As a woman, what are your favorite sex positions?

Just curious and keen to know what positions when having sex.


John A

30 Jan, 2022

1 Answer


Julia Cox

Sexual Eductor

According to this article, the ranking of popular positions are below : 

#1: Missionary with a pillow

This is the most common potition I recon.
Some of you may think it is boring, but there is a way to spice it up/

Before woman lie on her back, put a pillow under her hip and have men assume the position between your legs with their body parallel to your body.

Elevating your hips with a pillow completely changes the angle of your pelvis, which leads to deeper penetration and increased clitoral stimulation.

#2: Doggy style

Doggy style is actually one of the most foolproof positions to get into because it requires little flexibility, strength, or stamina.

With you on all fours, both of you have control over rhythm, speed, and depth, and as an added bonus, this is the perfect position for woman to lend gerself a hand for added clitoral stimulation.

#3: Spooning

This is good for lazy girls.
If you’ve already been cuddling, you literally don’t have to move — your partner penetrates you from behind.

The best part is you both have full access to your breasts and clitoris.
Afterwards, you can even fall fast asleep in the same position — it just doesn’t get better than that.

#4: Reverse cowgirl

Own your sexy with this playful position. With your partner lying on their back, straddle their hips as you face away from them. Lower yourself onto your cowboy and get to grinding. Here, you’re in total control. Like it faster? Get to work. Need some clitorial action? Go for it. Your guy will just be glad for the view.

#5: The loveseat

Have the man sit at the edge of the bed or couch or on a chair, and then, sit on his lap facing away. 

Plant your feet on the ground and lower yourself onto your partner’s penis or strap-on — now, bounce up and down, and grind side to side and around. It’s like a lap dance, but better. You can experiment with movement and speed, while your partner hangs on.

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