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The Best IVF Clinic in Malaysia

Lists of Best IVF Clinic in Malaysia with Success Rate and Cost(Price) for Fertility Treatment!

Joanne PehMay 02, 2022

Male Contraceptive Pill :  Confirms 99% Prevention of Pregnancy in the U.S. Animal Experiments

For too long, birth control has been primarily the responsibility of those born physically female, but finally, a male pill is being developed.

Jamie ChuaMay 01, 2022

Misconceptions of Sexual Knowledge

Is a large vagina a sign of good body chemistry? An OB/GYN comments on some of the superstitions about sexual health.

Joanne PehMay 01, 2022

Kindergartners play with clay. What do you notice?

Share with your friends with the answers!

Arina HashimotoMay 01, 2022

Orgasm in 12 countries around the world.

How women say I am coming around the world

Joanne PehMay 01, 2022

Check your palmistry to see if you have Pervert-Line!

Only 1 out of 20 people has this line.

Joanne PehMay 01, 2022

Love hotel has a Rotating bed that can go up and down?

A cultural heritage of sexuality from Japan.

Arina HashimotoMay 01, 2022

Japanese Temple has the statue that has men's symbol and wome's symbol!

Check out the Japanese god in Saga Prefecture.

Arina HashimotoMay 01, 2022

Find out his sex technique level!

Is your boyfriend good at sex? Find out his

Jamie ChuaApr 27, 2022

What does actually tuna(Maguro) mean?

Do you know what it means to be a tuna in a sexual context?

Arina HashimotoApr 25, 2022

What kind of sex is enough to heal him after a long day at work?

Some men don't have sex with him because of being tired, but some men are complying. What are some ways to heal him as a woman?

Jamie ChuaApr 25, 2022

Application to show that you are sexually harrased and call the help

Tokyo's government has an application called

Jamie ChuaApr 24, 2022

An online platform was launched in the Netherlands for Sex Workers

Sex workers can feel safer coming to work with the potential violence of customers.

Joanne PehApr 24, 2022

The human penis is oddly shaped! Do most mammalian penises have **?

Actually, human penis is special among other mammalian.

Joanne PehApr 06, 2022

A story about how egg freezing may become legal in Singapore

Singapore is getting ready for women to have choice to freez their eggs.

Joanne PehApr 06, 2022

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