It is painful...It may be due to a decline in sexual function. What kind of preparation should we do?

Are you worried that sex with your husband is painful, that you haven't had sex in a few years, or that you don't know how long you will be able to have sex?

Dr. Nahoko Ishizaki

8 May, 2022

It is painful...It may be due to a decline in sexual function. What kind of preparation should we do? | Sexual Educator News

Do you have "sexual problems" that are difficult to discuss with others? SexualEducator interviewed experts on sexual problems.

Are there many people in their 40s who have problems with sex?

Doctor says : 

Many people are not able to have sex as they did when they were younger and are confused about what is happening to their bodies, not knowing the cause or how to deal with it. 
It may seem easy to tell your partner about your sex pains and frustrations, but it is actually very difficult. 
If you continue to harbor frustration about sex and endure the pain, you may gradually become uncomfortable with sex itself.
The last thing you want is to lose love for your partner as a result of continually avoiding sex because of pain. So I will explain what that pain is and how it changes a woman's body. 
At menopause, a woman's sexual function declines due to a decrease in the female hormone estrogen, regardless of whether she likes or dislikes her partner.

"Menopause" is the total of 10 years around menopause. (The average Japanese woman is between 45 and 55 years old.)

"specific decline in sexual function" means

  • The uterus and vagina (front and back) shrink and narrow.
  • Vulgar skin and mucous membranes become thinner and weaker.
  • Vulnerable to friction
  • Increased inflammation
  • Decreased libido
  • Difficulty in having orgasms
  • Decreased beta-endorphin (happy hormone)

These problems are not your fault; they are caused by low oestrogen levels!

So, does menopause mean you have to stop having great sex?

Doctor says :

"Preparation" is the key to adult sex.
"If you have not had sex for many years and suddenly try to use your vagina, your body will not listen to you." It is just like in sports: if you suddenly try to run, you will not get a good record. "Sex, too, requires daily discipline to achieve comfortable results.

The key to this is to train your vagina!

  • If you have a partner
    In terms of maintaining function, you want to have sex regularly, at least twice a month.

  • If you do not have a partner
    Self-pressure is sufficient to maintain the function of your vagina. Use specialised goods.

Doctor contunes :

Nowadays, there are a lot of supplementary support products available at drugstores, such as lubricants (it is recommended to use three times the normal amount) and massages for the delicate area. Take advantage of them and enjoy mature sex. 

The doctor interviewed said that a couple, the woman 70 years old and the man 83 years old, came to him with problems with sexual penetration. 

With his prescription, the couple successfully returned to active duty! 

If they continue to take proper care of their genitals, they will be able to maintain their functions for the rest of their lives. 

It may be possible to continue pursuing the joys of womanhood without giving up on sex.

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