Is the emergence of "sexabots," robots capable of satisfying human sexual desires, a utopia? Or is it dystopia?

Is robot able to satisfy human sexual desires?

Joanne Peh

7 May, 2022

Is the emergence of

It is said that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will soon lead to the development of humanoid robots called "sexabots," which will be able to satisfy human sexual desires.

It will function over a Wi-Fi connection and can be updated with new programmes to behave in the way that pleases its owner most.

Whether such a future is a utopia in which the problems associated with sexuality have been solved or a dystopia of depravity, we do not know.

But it is hard to imagine politicians and legislators ignoring machines that look and act just like human beings and touch the most fundamental and private areas.

From the August 21 issue of the Law Society of SA Journal, an Australian jurist examines the impact of sexabots on society from the perspective of a lawmaker.

The Benefits of Sexabots

People may have different images of sexbots, but they offer solutions to a variety of sex-related problems.

It can empower elderly and disabled people whose bodies have deteriorated, and it can help them with their sexual problems. It could treat sexual dysfunction and lead to safer sexual intercourse.

Or it may help those who are still uncertain about their sexual orientation to feel safe and comfortable engaging in sexual activity.

According to one recent survey, professionals who deal with sex in a medical setting identified people with social anxiety (50%), people who do not have partners but do not want to resort to sex work (50%), and patients with premature ejaculation (47%) as the patients who would benefit most from the therapeutic use of Sexabot.

Disadvantages of Sexabot

On the other hand, critics say that if people become too accustomed to sexbots, which are not obedient to their owners, they may mistake them for flesh-and-blood human beings as such.

If humans are regarded as objects because of this, sexual violence and abuse may increase.

Some people suggest that robots should be programmed to refuse violent sexual intercourse or sexual advances. In Australia, the presence or absence of consent is an important factor in determining sexual assault.

Some argue that even if one were to sexually assault a robot, it would not constitute sexual assault because robots do not have feelings to begin with.

Incidentally, a similar argument exists for existing love dolls. In Australia, for example, love dolls in the form of children are banned, and violators can be imprisoned for up to 10 to 15 years.

The use of sexbots is a problem that must be taken seriously.

The impact of sexabots on human society, both positive and negative aspects, is not yet clear until they become widespread in practice.

But the impact it will have on society will continue to be a matter of debate and careful judgment.

We do not know the level of the artificial intelligence of Sextabot, but if it is of a very high level, it may be possible to improve the owner's interpersonal communication skills by learning in advance the behaviours that flesh-and-blood humans dislike, or conversely, the behaviours that make others happy. This could improve the owner's interpersonal communication skills.

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