What happens when you have sex 15 times in one night?

What happens to a man who ejaculates too many times in a row?

Joanne Peh

3 May, 2022

What happens when you have sex 15 times in one night? | Sexual Educator News

In this article, SexualEducator will tell you about the end result of having too much sex, as told by a man who had sex 15 times in one night.

We interviewed a man who ejaculated 15 times in one night with a woman he met on a matching app and compiled the following information.

The first to fifth ejaculations were still fine.

The first to fifth ejaculations were surprisingly okay. 

I had not yet known about the tragedy that followed, and I thought "sex feels so good" in a casual way.

As a preliminary step, I knew in advance that the woman had a strong sexual appetite because she had begged me to "take out cock" and "let me suck your dick" before I even met her.
So I was aware that she would probably fuck me for up to five rounds at most.

Sex with her was just a normal position.

It took about an hour including foreplay, and I ejaculated five times and was very satisfied. She said, "Whew, that felt good. Let's go to bed."

But she said "No, not yet ♡" and "Let's do it again ♡" and wanted my cock.

I thought, "No, no, you're kidding, right?" But I could tell that she was serious about having sex with me. So we decided to have sex for the sixth time. 

It was here that something unusual happened to my body.

After the 6th time, I came and no more sperm came out.

After the sixth round, I stopped producing sperm even if I came. 

As a result of my body's inability to keep up with sperm production, I experienced what is called a dry orgasm. 

The dry orgasm was a strange feeling, a new sensation of not producing sperm even though I was supposed to come.

I had a dry orgasm, which was a good experience because it gave me a new stimulation, but from this point on, I started to lose the energy to shake my hips.

Every time I came, she would say, "Let's do it again," and when I tried to go back to sleep, she would force me to wake her up, so I had no choice but to keep her company.

After the 10th time, I was so dazed 

I actually don't remember much about sex after the 10th time. 

I vaguely remember that I was at the limit of my drowsiness and physical strength.

Every time I reached orgasm with no sperm production, she smiled devilishly at me and said, "One More Time" and I despaired, "Help me..".

I noticed that the morning sun was shining through the gap in the curtains. 

Yes, I was not allowed to sleep until morning. But it was Wednesday. I had work on the day. 

In the end, I didn't sleep at all and I couldn't work properly that day.

This was the summary of "The End of Too Much Sex" by a man who had sex 15 times in one night.

We hope this article will help you have a wonderful sex life.

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