Here are the Sexually Active Women Chracteristics

Are there certain characteristics of sexually active women?

Jamie Chua

3 May, 2022

Here are the Sexually Active Women Chracteristics | Sexual Educator News

1. Thick tear ducts, a large nose, and pouty lips

People with the three sets of features (thick tear ducts, large noses, and pouty lips) are often erotic.

The more of these three things are present, the higher the rate of lechery, and if only two or one of them is present, the lower the rate.

In particular, women with large noses tend to be quite sexually active. 

Check your face in the mirror to see if it meets these three criteria.

2. Talking eloquently about past love affairs

Women who talk eloquently about their past relationships often have a strong sex drive. 

Open people who don't have anything to hide are also often sexually open.

Sex is all about self-disclosure, so open people are more suited for it. 

Also, talking about the past is fundamentally based on the "desire to get to know me," so it is linked to the strength of desires such as sexuality and the desire for approval.

3. Voracious appetite

People with a strong appetite tend to have a strong sex drive.

As I often say, "Appetite and sex drive go hand in hand." Sexual desire and appetite are instinctive parts of the body, so they are linked.

In fact, when eating dinner on a date, people who eat a lot are more likely to go to bed afterward. 

Also, women who drink alcohol are more erotic than those who don't.

4. Women over 30 who are on Tinder

Women over 30 who are on Tinder have a strong sex drive.

Most other men target women in their teens and 20s on Tinder, but I actively target women in their 30s because I believe that women in their 30s who use Tinder are erotic.

Women who use Tinder, a matching app for fun, are more likely to fall into one of the following categories:
weak desire for marriage OR married OR wanting someone to play with, so they have a stronger sex drive.

If you are a woman in her 30s who is thinking about marriage activity, you should use marriage activity-oriented matching apps, but women in their 30s who dare to use Tinder, which has a lot of playful people, are easy to understand "what kind of encounter" they are looking for.

The strength of their sexual desire leaks out from the little things they say and do!

It is understandable that a woman who does not want to be looked at sexually by a man she does not care about would hide her sexual desire as a form of self-preservation to avoid being looked at sexually.

However, the strength of sexual desire can leak out from the slightest word or action.

Of course, the things that have been described in this article do not apply to all women, so I would be happy if you could just think of it as, "Is this what this fucking slut is thinking?"

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