Japan's Only Temple of Boobies!

The Only Temple to enalrge breast in Japan.

Arina Hashimoto

3 May, 2022

Japan's Only Temple of Boobies! | Sexual Educator News

Mamakannon (Ryuonji Temple) is located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

It is conveniently accessible by bus. Get off at the bus stop named "Mazankannon-mae" and walk for about 10 minutes to get there. From the outside, the temple looks ordinary, but once inside, you will be surprised.

The Ryuon-ji Temple is visited by many people who have problems with breastfeeding. 

It is also said to bring blessings for breast development, safe delivery, and the growth of children.

When you enter the building, you will first see a handbasin with a boob on it. 

It is equipped with a sensor and water flows out when a person comes near it. 

Of course, the water flows from the nipples. You may be a little overwhelmed by such a situation, but let's cleanse our hands here before proceeding.

Ryuonji Temple is one of the temples of the Kannon Sacred Temple.

Next is the Kannon holding a baby. This one is called "Jiyu Kannon" (Goddess of Mercy for Breastfeeding). This one is also equipped with a sensor, so that water flows from the right breast when you pass in front of it.

This is the main hall. Let's pray here.

The incense burner is also a boob.

Ema (絵馬, lit. "picture-horse") are small wooden plaques, common to Japan, in which Shinto and Buddhist worshippers write prayers or wishes. 
The below is the normal Ema picture. 

In Hazama Kannon, the Ema is with boobs. You can see the 3D boobs on the Ema and you can write your wishes on them.

Also, if you need a gift to bring back, you can buy charms with the boobs.

You can see a lot of boobs in the main hall of Mazu Kannon. 

 The ema (votive picture tablet) also has boobs. The amulet also has boobs. Boobs everywhere! Anyway, it is full of "boobs". You will definitely be surprised at the impact of the ema and amulets.

You will be shocked by the many boobs!

As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of boobs. If you have worries about boobs, worries that you can't talk about to others, why not visit Mazama Kannon and see for yourself?

You will definitely be impressed by the sheer size of the impact. You are likely to receive many blessings for it.

How to go to Hazama Kannon?

If you have a chance to visit Aichi or Nagoya Area in Japan, you can try to visit Hazama Kannon together. 

Access by train

Meitetsu Bus: 8 minutes walk from Mazaniryukannon-mae Bus Stop

Komaki round bus "Mazuhonmachi" alighting, 5 minutes on foot

Access by car

5 minutes from Komaki IC on Tomei Expressway

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