Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys: The Best Profile Photo to Match More Girls

You're new to a matching app and not getting any matches yet... let's review your profile pictures!

Joanne Peh

3 May, 2022

Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys: The Best Profile Photo to Match More Girls | Sexual Educator News

Learn from the most popular members! How to get more likes on a dating application.

What kind of men gets a lot of likes on dating application?
Let's check out the common characteristics of the men who have received a large number of "likes."

Common characteristics of popular men

  • Smiley faces
  • Pictures are taken by others
  • Natural look
  • Clear and vivid

The above are the characteristics of the profile photos of popular men.

And, surprisingly, most of the popular men were not that good-looking, to be honest.

In other words, the equation "good-looking guys = popular" does not hold, but rather "good-looking guys with creative photos = popular"

That being the case, even non-handsome guys have plenty of chances!

From here, we will tell you the key points of a popular profile photo, so please take a look at it for reference.

The basic rule for a popular profile picture is to smile

First and foremost, you should take a picture with a smile on your face.
You should not intentionally put on a pouty face or make a straight face in order to look cool.

Examples of unattractive profile pictures

Why are you angry? If you do this, women will be scared and run away from you almost 100% of the time!

Examples of smiling profile photos that are popular with women

A smiling male profile photo

Women feel a sense of security when they meet a man with a smile on his face, and they also have various fantasies that he is kind and will forgive their selfishness when they are with him.

Moreover, smiling hides various complexes, so it gives the illusion of being good-looking even if you are not good-looking.

Therefore, no matter how much you dislike smiling, you should always aim for a fresh smile in your profile picture.

Have someone else take your profile picture! Selfies are a no-no.

A profile picture that looks like a "selfie" is not popular with women.

Just looking at a selfie of a man can bring up a lot of negative words, such as "narcissistic," "friendless," "unfriendly," and "gloomy." 

Examples of unattractive profile pictures

Women have a negative impression of male selfies.

A bad photo like this will only label you as creepy, not as a person to meet, so ask a friend or someone around you to take a nice photo for you first.

Examples of a better profile photos that are popular with women

It is important to keep your profile picture natural.

Surprisingly, many people put too much effort into their profile pictures just because they are their profile pictures, making them look unnatural.

Unnatural male photo

This gives the impression of being "fake" or "just how it should be," and the photo also conveys an unnatural look.

Examples of natural-looking profile photos that are popular with women

Natural Look

We like the super natural look of a photo that looks like it was taken from a day in someone's life.

It's so natural that it makes you fantasize about what it would be like to go on a date with this person.

What is the worst profile picture for women... What is the worst profile picture you tend to use?

If you are one of the men who find it difficult to find a match, it may be because of your profile picture.

In fact, in most cases, it is because of a bad "photo" that they are not getting matched.

Here are some of the characteristics of the photos that particularly turned me off when I was looking at men.

A photo with a pretty good selfie feel

Men with selfie photos

We have told you extensively not to take selfies earlier, but there are still an overwhelming number of men who take selfies.

As I have said many times before, selfies are not popular with women, and profile photos of men taking selfies tend to make them look narcissistic.

It is better to upload a photo taken by someone else for your profile.

Photos that show off (brag about) their muscles

Men who boast about their muscles

A common type of photo among men is one that makes you look like you are auditioning for a pro wrestling match. 

A common type of photo among men is one that shows off their muscles as if they are auditioning for a wrestling match.

It's fine to show off your muscular body, but that's not what women want to see. Let me be clear: "All you have are muscles," and you may be labeled a "narcissist".

Moreover, if you put up a picture of yourself with your upper body naked for some reason or other, women would be quite taken back.
There are some women who have a muscle fetish, but in general, photos that show off muscles intensely are not popular.

Photographs that have been heavily processed with apps

Men in photos with processing apps

The use of "processing apps" is common, especially among men in their 20s on dating apps.

If it is just skin tone correction, but if they use processing apps or stamps, it is not very popular with women.

Some women don't like it when men use processing apps, and they may imagine a scene where a man is working hard to process himself, which may damage his impression.

Close-up photos of the face

A close-up of the face

No matter how good your smile is, don't make a close-up of your face more than necessary.

If you look closely at a close-up face, you will see things you don't need to see, such as beards, pimples, and pores, which is not a good impression.

Men's close-up photos are not very popular with women, so consider the balance between the face and the background before uploading.

It is very difficult to practice everything things that are introduced here, so I recommend that you start with what you can do and try to do it little by little.

Even if you are worried about not meeting anyone right now, if you keep looking, you are sure to find the right partner.

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