Hihōkan: Japan's vanishing sex museums

Hiho-Kan means hidden treasure. It sounds like a traditional museum name, but it is actually a hirolous sex museum in Japan! Here is what it looks like and the museum information!

Arina Hashimoto

2 May, 2022

Hihōkan: Japan's vanishing sex museums | Sexual Educator News

Atami, one of the best resort areas in Japan, there are a lot of hot springs and great seafood you can find. 

There is one thing you must visit if you have a chance to go to Atami.
It is called "Hihoukan" also known as an adult museum. 

There are so many erotic-themed exhibits in the museum, but they are all so silly that you can't help but laugh at them. 

The Atami Museum of Hidden Treasures is the only museum in Atami that still exists, as many other museums in Japan are closing their doors. 

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Take the ropeway to the top of Atami.
Once you find the hidden treasure museum, purchase a ticket to enter.
Turtles will greet you at the entrance.

As a rule, photography and videotaping are prohibited in the museum.
Please be careful when visiting.

There is a box for you to put in the coin. (100 yen), check out what happens after that. 

Insert the coin.. 

The 巫女(Miko) (Miko is a young priestess who works at a Shinto shrine.) brings you a fortune teller for you. 

Goes back to the original position... just the backside of the dress is not entirely covering her body. 

Samurai Penis

Hentai Shogun 

There is another box with Marilyn Monroe statue. 

You can spin the handle in front of the box. 

The skirt rolls up in the wind!!

The sex toy that is used in Edo Era in Japan among ladies. 

There is a wall says "Roten Buro Joshi" - Hot Spring for women 

There is a hole on the wall with the sign board saying "No peeking" with the other sign board saying " If you're going to peek, you're going to have to get close to each of their faces one at a time." (Contradicted ...lol)

You can see something in the women's hot spring..

There are countless other works on display that are worth seeing, but that's all for this article!

If you want to see the rest, please come to Atami to see them for yourself!

Here are some of the unique souvenirs sold at the museum.

This is a sponge cake to be blessed with children. Yes, it looks like people can get more children with these cakes. 

Oppan Chocolate

This is Oppai Chocolate. There is no need to explain what it is. 

Here is more information about Japanese Sex Museum "Hihoukan"
Must go when you have a chance to visit Japan! 

Open Everyday
Business Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Admission until 5:00 p.m.)
Admission fee: 1,700 yen
Admission + ropeway round trip (set ticket): 1,900 yen
Website: https://www.atami-hihoukan.jp/index.html
Address : 日本、〒413-0023 静岡県熱海市和田浜南町8−15 
8-15, Wadahama Minami Cho, Atami-City, Shizuoka 413-0023 

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