How to make men feel jealous?

The psychology and behavior of men who are jealous of someone they like! How to make them jealous is also explained.

Joanne Peh

2 May, 2022

How to make men feel jealous? | Sexual Educator News

Why do men get jealous when they have one-sided love?

You would think that jealousy would be directed toward a lover.
However, jealousy can occur even when you have a one-sided love.

You can't help but be jealous of a woman who is not yours, even though you have had a one-sided love for her for a long time.

Can you understand this male psychology?

Why do men get jealous of unrequited love? I will explain in detail this psychological phenomenon that women cannot understand.

Self-esteem and pride

Men have a great deal of pride in their work and in their love lives, and they do not want to admit the fact that they are "lower" than others.

Therefore, even in unrequited love, they want to drag their partner (in this case, their rival) down to the same level as themselves.

Even women feel jealousy toward the person they love.

Women are naturally jealous of the people they love, but men's jealousy is characterised by the fact that they don't let the person they love express their anger directly to the person they love.

Inferiority complex

In the case of women, the jealous behaviour they show in order to turn the other person on is mentally aggressive. However, when we look at men, they show "calmness" instead of aggression.

For example, they will stand tall and be cool and competitive in order to succeed in something. This is a complex that stems from a sense of inferiority.

This is a psychology that is not usually expressed, and is also seen in jealousy in love.

When they feel jealousy, they never want to show the inferiority complex that makes them bully themselves, such as "I am not confident" or "I am not used to women".

Not like women! Jealousy for the person you love! Men don't read too much into it.

If you like someone, jealousy is a natural emotion. There is surely no one without jealousy, right?

However, the content of jealousy is very different between men and women. That is why women question men's jealousy.

What kind of jealousy is unique to men? 

The more possessive a man is, the more jealous he will be.

It is very easy to make such men jealous.
Men don't read too much into what they witness, which results in them saying to the other guy, "Don't touch my girl! They are very reliable and attractive.

They may seem very dependable and charming at times, but their lack of self-confidence and their possessiveness as men will show in their moods.

The more painful it is, the cooler they appear.

The harder it is for a man to be jealous, the harder he tries to appear cool to the person he loves. In order to do so, they tell themselves, "It's painful, but I'm not in pain.

They feel jealous of other men, regardless of their age, just because the person they like has a conversation with a man other than themselves. Of course, women also feel jealous if they get along with someone of the opposite sex, but in the case of men, the fact that they "don't care what age they are" is cute.

I don't know what he is thinking. Are you mad at me? What is it? Don't you ever feel that way?

The irritating attitude may cause you to explode with frustration... but wait a minute. That may be because you like him.

If that is the case, it is pitiful to be angry at him. Here are some patterns of jealousy that you can show to the person you love because you love him. If it rings a bell, please be nice to him.

When a man sees something that offends him or when he is going through a difficult time, he will become silent and stay silent. This is quite different from women, who are quick to lash out at their partners. This is a sign that he likes you.

Men have a very masculine mindset that says, "I can't forgive myself for getting jealous when I see the woman I like talking to someone of the opposite sex other than myself.

This is because he does not want to forgive himself or think that he is jealous, so he becomes silent when he gets jealous and angry.

Showing a fighting spirit

If a guy who probably likes you says things like, "Mr. XX asked me out at the drinking party yesterday," or "I got asked out by a lot of girls," you can tell that he is popular with girls. It is a sign that he loves you and wants you to go out with him.

Not all men try to hide their jealousy. On the other hand, they may show it in a combative and positive manner. They may say, "I want to make you jealous! I want him to confess! Don't look at him, look at me! They are expressing their feelings by signalling that they are going to be popular with you.

It's not too much, but it's not bad if he shows his jealousy with signs and attacks that are no less than those of other men, don't you think? If you tell him straight out that you are jealous of him or that he is making you jealous, it is already a confession to you that you love him.

Running away or leaving

If he/she just shuts up and doesn't talk much, you can follow up, but if he/she acts in a way that makes you jealous, you won't see him/her again! But if you make her jealous, she will never see you again! If both parties are in love with each other, it may be possible to do something about it, but if there is no romantic feeling on the woman's side, it is a pattern that will interfere with work and other activities.

Suppose you say, "Mr. XX, you are always so nice," not to make him jealous, but just to get him to agree with you. But that is not interesting to him, who likes you. Men don't like being compared to others by the person they like, even if they don't think they have said or done anything to make him jealous.

Women feel the same way if they are only offended by comparisons, but there are extreme cases of men who can't stand the hurt to their pride, leave, and then lose touch with the woman because they are not good at appealing to her in anger.

Cute resistance!

When a man responds to you in a very curt manner or with some coldness, it is also a sign that he wants to win you back. Sneaking a look! It is a cute sign that he is trying to awaken your motherly instincts.

It's like a big child, and it's hard to hate it. It seems to be an effort to get her to notice "me" through actions she would never normally show.

They get angry for other reasons!

A man who never gets angry when things are normal suddenly gets angry! This can happen. It is usually because of the content of the conversation that he would not normally get angry.

Because he is suppressing his jealousy with his pride, he becomes angry at the conversation, even though it is a normal conversation, and turns it in an unexpected direction.

Men have a high sense of inferiority and pride, but their behaviour can be very straight-forward and unbearably hateful. They don't seem to make many toxic appeals, even when they get grumpy.

So I don't hear them suddenly yelling at each other because they are jealous of someone they like. It's because they think that doing so would lower themselves (the guy) and make them uncool.

Acting out of sight!

Many men believe it is uncool and difficult on themselves to be jealous of someone they like and have the other person discover it.Men who have the status of being cool at all times will research the person they like without knowing if the woman they like does something to make them jealous.

They may jokingly ask you what type of guy you like, go out of their way to find out if you have told anyone around you about other guys, or ask you about your exes.

They are analysing the information and thinking about their next move in order to get you to turn your head. It seems to be a characteristic of men to analyse calmly without unnecessary jealousy.

Smart choice!

Due to men's characteristics of "desire for control, possessiveness, and competitive spirit," men's hearts heat up when they get jealous, but some of them still act smart by remaining calm and waiting until the last minute to quietly let the time pass.

This pattern is often seen in herbivorous men, who do not take any action and go on with their lives as usual, even when they hear that the man they like admires or likes someone other than themselves.

They think, "I want him to like me someday," but they don't want to get involved in the unpleasantness of jealousy, so they ignore their own painful feelings.

They also talk about it abruptly, like, "Hmmm, I see. It is also a quiet resistance to jealousy.

Men who do not want to show that they have suffered a painful inferiority complex due to jealousy in front of the person they love often behave in ways that women find incomprehensible. This is why the male jealous behaviour I have described so far seems so cool.

How to make someone you like jealous.

If you want to attract or turn on someone you like, maybe try doing something a little more impactful!

The key is to make them think, "Hmm?" The important thing is to make them think, "Hmm? But be careful not to overdo it. Why don't you try to incite jealousy just the right amount?

(1) Making friends with other men

Getting along with other men... you don't want to see that, of course. If you intentionally chat with other men in front of him, he will say, "Are you friendly with him? Do you maybe like him? " You might think, "I'm not sure.

Men are proud creatures, so they tend to have a sense of rivalry with those who are superior to them. That's why you should take advantage of that.

You might think, "Maybe she's popular with men? And if you want to tickle a man's fancy, use a man!

Talking about your ex

Talking about memories of exes is another technique that can make them jealous.

This is the past of the other person that you don't know about. Moreover, it is the past with men. Scattered in there are sweet memories and lover's quarrels.

What did he look like at that time? Were they happy or sad? Various fantasies fill your mind. This is where jealousy comes from.

Even if you say you don't care about the past, it is also a man's mind that gets annoyed or jealous at the shadow of his old love or ex-boyfriend. One of the most common problems that can lead to jealousy is when you find out that your girlfriend is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend. What would your boyfriend do?

Posting pictures of herself with male friends on social networking sites

Nowadays, social networking is an indispensable tool for socializing. The younger the generation, the more dependent they are on their smartphones.

Check out what interests you and the people around you... and in the midst of it all, create a "Hmm?" and create a moment that makes them think, "Hmmm?"

Social networking sites can lead you to all kinds of people as you look around. You can't be sure if the person you like will reach you, but if they see you, they may become jealous.

Like a child who envies other people's things, you attack the psychology of suddenly wanting something when you think it might belong to someone else.

However, beware that the person you like may not see it and may start strange rumours in places you don't know about!

As you can see, there are many ways to make someone you like jealous. Which one is the most effective? You will never know until you try it.

We want the men we are interested in to like us just as much as we like them. What techniques can you use to make a man fall in love with you? In this article, we will introduce one of the techniques to make love more exciting: how to make a man jealous. Let's use the feeling of jealousy to make love more exciting.

Signs of male jealousy are adorable!

While women digest jealousy by building up their memories, men remember their memories and feelings one by one in separate chunks, without building them up. So, even if they are showing cool behavior, they are quite often more concerned and damaged than they appear.

Men act cute. Cute may be impolite to men, but there are ways to make yourself appear larger than you are to the woman you like!Or, to get her attention by treating her coldly! or "I'm just trying to get her attention by being cold to her! It is important to remember that this is a sign of jealousy.

It's so funny that no matter how old you get, you still think about love like an elementary school student.

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