Misconceptions of Sexual Knowledge

Is a large vagina a sign of good body chemistry? An OB/GYN comments on some of the superstitions about sexual health.

Joanne Peh

1 May, 2022

Misconceptions of Sexual Knowledge | Sexual Educator News

Do you have a simple question about sex that you can't ask anyone? If you feel uneasy and fearfully search the Internet, you will find a huge amount of information, but you will not know what to believe. In this article, we asked an obstetrician and a gynecologist to correct the wrong sexual knowledge.

On the question of sexual problems and complexes, 21.5% of women said that they are unable to experience orgasm, placing first.

Sexologist Dr. William Masters and his research assistant, Virginia Johnson, define the female orgasm as "an orgasm in which the anal sphincter is stretched about 0.8 seconds apart, and the anal sphincter is stretched about 0.8 seconds apart."

The female orgasm is diverse. Women's orgasms are not one-percenter but diverse.

Screaming and convulsing on adult websites is just a stage direction.

There are many women who think they have never had an orgasm because of the influence of such extreme images.

In fact, the majority of women have peaceful sex with their partners, cuddling and sleeping together.

Premature ejaculation, the number one male problem, is not a problem.

By far the most common male complex (30.2%) was the short time it takes to reach insertion and ejaculate.

For some reason, men tend to be ashamed of premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is defined by the American Society for Sexology as a male ejaculating 50 or more times during 100 sexual encounters.

In reality, however, it is not a matter of time, the most important thing is if your partner is satisfied. 

It is enough to arouse and satisfy the partner without penetration. The man should only end when he is sure that his partner has reached orgasm.

Women's "difficulty in getting wet" is related to "vaginal perspiration."

The difficulty in getting wet is another problem peculiar to women.

When a woman is aroused during sex, blood collects in the capillaries of the vaginal wall, and when the amount exceeds the limit, the components of the blood flow out of the vagina. 

This is a kind of a sweat. This sweat determines whether the vagina gets wet or not.

Therefore, when the capillaries in the vagina become hardened, or arteriosclerosis occurs, it becomes more difficult to get wet. 

If a woman has difficulty getting wet during sexual intercourse, it may be an early sign of arteriosclerosis.

Also, you should take more interest in and care for your own public zone, such as supplementing moisture with lube jelly or other products if you experience pain.

Tightening is good, but is a big mistake.

Another common misconception is that a tighter vagina is more pleasurable for men during intercourse.

Does increased sexual arousal lead to a larger vagina?

In fact, when a woman is about to feel orgasm, a woman's vagina actually changes its shape into a tent-like or balloon-like shape, rather than tightening.

In addition, an "orgasmic platform" is formed at the entrance to the vagina. 

The vagina lengthens and widens, and the male penis feels looser.

In fact, this is the state of fit in their relationship.

It is a misconception that it is better to have a tight or constricted vagina; in fact, the opposite is true. The loosening of a woman's vagina after childbirth is not without its effects, but it is also the result of a fit relationship between two people.

Masturbation Solves Sex Problems

If you really want to experience pleasurable sex, masturbation is the way to go.

You know your own body best, so women should also touch their own bodies from head to toe and explore where the pleasure points are.

If you have a partner, show them where they are. Sex is a learning experience.

Teaching each other is the key to good sex.

Humans are a combination of 60 trillion cells. The multiplication of these cells is not a single pattern. 

The meaning of sex is to enjoy exploring the immeasurable in the relationship between two people.

Sexual knowledge that is full of misconceptions has resulted in narrowing and distancing the relationship between two people.

Physical Communication with your partner or significant other is very important. 

The happy hormones oxytocin and serotonin are activated in the brain. 

And when self-affirmation increases, you feel happy and your immune system is strengthened. 

The body naturally responds to the movements of the mind, so the first thing to do is not to think too much and not to compare yourself with others.

Why don't you once again become conscious of communicating with others in a touchy-feely way, putting the highest priority on how comfortable you and the other person are?

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