Orgasm in 12 countries around the world.

How women say I am coming around the world

Joanne Peh

1 May, 2022

Orgasm in 12 countries around the world. | Sexual Educator News

If you want to become an international person, check out the nighttime knowledge of the country you are visiting.

  1. Netherlands
    Ik kom!

    The literal translation is "I'm coming. Ik kom klaar!" means "I'm going to go already! is "Ik kom klaar!

    Sex workers in the Netherlands pay their taxes
    Prostitution is not illegal in the Netherlands, and prostitutes are covered by social and health insurance and pay taxes on their earnings.

    There is also a labor union. Recently, there is talk of opening a brothel with female androids made of titanium and silicon.

    Je jouis!
    The literal translation is "to enjoy". There is also the phrase "faire I'amour", which means to make love through sex.
    Created during the reign of Louis XV! Birthplace of the bidet
    French women use bidets at a high rate. The bidet means purified water into the vagina to flush it out. Incidentally, the word "bidet" means "pony," and is derived from the use of a bidet as if one were astride a horse.

  3. Italy
    It can be read "Venire," which translates as "come."
    "Sto venendo" in the present progressive tense is a nuance of "I'm about to come!" is the nuance of "I'm about to cum!

    Safe car sex with the permission of the city council

    In 2012, the small city of Balla, east of Naples, created a "Love Parking" for car sex. In this area, many young people live with their parents and unemployment is high. The city council approved the project because they needed a place where they could easily spend their private time.

  4. Spain
    que me corro!
    The literal translation is "come on! (literally translated as "I'm cumming!"). The verb correrse is used only in the sexual sense.

    Protest against banks' reluctance to lend without selling your body!
    In March 2012, prostitutes went on strike against the bank's reluctance to lend money, saying that they would not provide sexual services to bank employees unless the bank stopped its reluctance to lend money. There was a precedent in 2010.

  5. CHINA
    Orgasm itself is often unspoken. During sex, "lai"(come) are sometimes used.

  6. Germany
    Ich komme!
    The literal translation is "I'm coming," which is the same as "I'm coming. Also, the English word Vagina, which is originally German.

    Knowing the German design soul in those goods that vibrate

    In Germany, a product design powerhouse, sex toys such as vibrators and rotors are now as stylish as objects of art, and FUN FACTORY is a famous example. Incidentally, Frankfurt has an adult store proudly opened in the airport.

  7. Thailand
    The literal translation is "It's almost over. However, there are many Thai women who do not say it out loud.
    In 2012, 100 Japanese couples also tried 100% gender selection in Thailand.

    In recent years, the number of foreigners who have gone through gender selection in Thailand has increased rapidly. The sex chromosomes of the fertilized eggs are diagnosed before implantation, and 100% of the babies are separated.

    There is no law against gender selection, and it is done with tacit approval. While Indians and Chinese all want to have a boy, 90% of Japanese want a girl.

  8. India

    Mujee Barfoot Aarha!

    The literal translation is "Super happy! The literal translation is "Super happy! Rahit bandh kal dene" means "Turn off the light.

    A 96-Year-Old Man Gives Birth to Second Child! Becomes World's Oldest Father.

    On October 5, 2012, 96-year-old Ramjeet Raghav of Haryana, northern India, gave birth to his second child, a boy. Mr. Raghav became the world's oldest father. The mother is Shakuntala, 52. He had remained celibate until 10 years before he met her.

  9. Russia
    Я кончаю!
    It reads "Ya Kancheryu," which translates directly to "I'm done," and is calm, even calling out "Да (da)," which means yes.

  10. America
    I'm coming!
    After coming, "I came". The word "come" refers to sperm as a noun, and can also be used as "His come smelt strange."

  11. Brazil
    Estou gozando!
    Estou gozando" translates as "I'm having fun." A one-night stand is called a "ficar," and a lover is called a "namorar."
    Brazil, a country with a beautiful ass, has the best ass in the world!

  12. Chile
    me acabo!
    The literal translation is "me acabo," which translates to "I'm running out." "Me fui" is the past tense of "I came" and is used after having an orgasm.

    This is also a Latin passion! Chile's Surprising World's Best

    The rate of anal experience among Chileans is about 50%, so high that it was once ranked number one in the world according to Durex data.

    The reason for this is that anal is a natural choice when there is no condom during sex. A hassle-free and generous national character!
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