Check your palmistry to see if you have Pervert-Line!

Only 1 out of 20 people has this line.

Joanne Peh

1 May, 2022

Check your palmistry to see if you have Pervert-Line! | Sexual Educator News

Do you know the palmistry called "Pervert-Line"? It's said that if you have it, you're a pervert!

Do you know the "Pervert-Line" that identifies a sexually active person who is good at their job and charismatic? 

The line that runs in a circle from between the index and middle fingers to the ring and pinky fingers is called the "Venus ring" or "Venus belt," and people with this line are called "erotic lines" because they are naughty.

The "Pervert-Line" is defined as having "double Venus rings". It is said that only about 1 in 20 people has this.

People who have this palm reading are sexy, fashionable, artistic, and full of vitality, and they attract people around them in ways they are not aware of. But, as the saying goes, "Heroes love colour," so it is also the palm of big shots. What heinous palmistry! 

Come to think of it, the area where the ring of Venus is located is the most ticklish place on the hand. In other words, it's a sexually sensitive area I just remembered that, but I'm not sure if that's related.

If there is someone around you that you don't know what it is but you can't help but be attracted to, they may be the owner of this great erotic line.

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