Love hotel has a Rotating bed that can go up and down?

A cultural heritage of sexuality from Japan.

Arina Hashimoto

1 May, 2022

Love hotel has a Rotating bed that can go up and down? | Sexual Educator News

Love hotels, also called motels in some cases, are secret hideouts for lovers.

The current form of love hotels is said to be a culture that developed uniquely in Japan, and recently, some similar hotels have been developed overseas as well.

While the exterior may look like an ordinary hotel, the interior may be reminiscent of a high-class resort, or it may be a simple business hotel if it is a budget hotel.

However, a long time ago, there was an even more unique culture, and the most important invention of the love hotel culture that was created there was the "rotating bed."

Somehow, rotating beds became all the rage.
The bed rotates slowly at the push of a button. 

There are always mirrors around the bed. Perhaps it was used as an item to stir up visual excitement by rotating the bed slowly during the "act".

According to a person related to the love hotel industry, they were created in the 1960s and installed in love hotels throughout Japan until 1985, when the Entertainment Establishments Control Law was revised.

Since the amendment of the Entertainment Establishments Control Law, it has become difficult to install new rotating beds, and the number of them has been gradually decreasing.

There are many rotating beds that are still in use in various places, but there is one type of rotating bed that is considered to be a rare breed among them.

There are rotating beds that not only rotate but can also move up and down between the first and second floors.

Today, they are even more precious than regular rotating beds, and there are only a few in the world still in operation.

In a sense, therefore, it is a "phantom revolving bed" and a "cultural heritage of sex."

One of them exists in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. It is called "Hotel Elegance." 

By the way, this hotel charges 2,100 yen for 90 minutes and 3,000 yen for up to 8 hours. The price was quite reasonable.

Nowadays, you can pay at kiosks, etc., but in the old days, they used to throw cash in a tube through the window. It means that love hotels have evolved as well.

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