Japanese Temple has the statue that has men's symbol and wome's symbol!

Check out the Japanese god in Saga Prefecture.

Arina Hashimoto

1 May, 2022

Japanese Temple has the statue that has men's symbol and wome's symbol! | Sexual Educator News

Kagamiyama, located in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, is one of Karatsu's representative scenic spots, from the observatory at the top of which you can see the famous "Niji-no-Matsubara" scenic area.

Kagamiyama" is known as a certain deity. 

It is an amazing Dosojin that has both male and female symbols! 

Many visitors come to see this amazing figure at first sight...!

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Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture is known for its pottery, Karatsu-yaki, and the Karatsu Kunchi festival.
Kagamiyama, which overlooks the city of Karatsu, is a mountain with a long history that was written about in the Manyoshu poetry anthology.

Although not very high at 248 meters above sea level, the summit commands a view of Niji-no-Matsubara, one of Japan's three largest pine groves, and Karatsu Bay, which stretches 5 kilometers long. On a clear day, you can even see the shadow of Iki Island in the distance. Kagamiyama is famous for a certain deity!

Dosojin is a roadside deity enshrined at the border or center of a village.

Dosojin worship is found throughout Japan, and there are many different forms of Dosojin, such as a natural stone or a male-female pair of Jizo-like figures.

Normal Jizo

The deity is known to bring blessings such as traffic safety, a good harvest, good health, the eradication of disease, and the prosperity of one's descendants.

Kagamiyama Dosojin is also located not far from the observatory at the top of Kagamiyama, a famous scenic spot, and it looks like Nantaruchia! 

This Dosojin is in the shape of genitalia, which is common in the Kyushu region! 

And it's so realistic and huge! It is surely a goddess of prosperity for offspring, but it has too much of an impact on the visitors.

It is easy to overlook the fact that the base of the penis of "Kagamiyama Dosojin" is female genitalia, but if you look closely, you will see female genitalia. It is a woman's pubic mound. Usually, this type of Dosojin is arranged in male and female forms, but this "Kagamiyama Dosojin" is a hybrid type that is both phallic and female genitalia!

Automobile hybrids are classified as mild hybrids or strong hybrids depending on their structure, but this Dosojin is definitely classified as a strong hybrid!

If you look closely, you will see that even the blood vessels that emerge from the body of Dosojin have been reproduced. 

It is full of reality. If you go around to the backside, you will see three Jizo statues.

 Although these Jizo statues are more similar to the image of Dosojin, they are placed as if they were playing a supporting role.

The unyielding and unrelenting actions of husband and wife, to the utmost of their power, are the power to produce children (money) and the driving force to bring about the prosperity of their offspring and are the guidepost for prosperous business.

This Dosojin was originally located along a river in Tosu City and was found during restoration work after it was washed out by a flood in 1953.

It is presumed that it was a guardian deity of the river and was dedicated here at Kagamiyama because it could not be treated roughly. It is said that the deity was dedicated here at Kagamiyama because it could not be handled roughly.

Let's go see the "Kagamiyama Dosojin," which is both rare and universal!

The majestic Kagamiyama Dosojin, which is taller than a man, is thought to bring blessings for offspring prosperity and marital bliss.

The "Dosojin of Kagamiyama" is a place to visit. 

Kagamiyama, you can easily reach it by taking the path beside Aizen-in Temple, not far from the top of Kagamiyama. 

Why don't you see it with your own eyes?

Dosojin beliefs can be found all over the country, and while they may differ in form, they have certainly been cherished as a source of comfort for local residents for centuries. It might be interesting to walk around your destination while spotting such things on your trip.

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