Find out his sex technique level!

Is your boyfriend good at sex? Find out his

Jamie Chua

27 Apr, 2022

Find out his sex technique level! | Sexual Educator News

Question. In the following, count the number that applies to your boyfriend.

  1. He always keeps his nails neatly trimmed
  2. He eats food slow 
  3. He notices even the slightest change in you
  4. Ability to play musical instruments
  5. He has female siblings
  6. He is good at driving
  7. He has experience of dating someone for long term
  8. He is good at detailed work
  9. Adept at kissing
  10. Have a keen artistic sense

Let's take a look at the results here!

A: 0 to 2... Level12 pursues too much commitment and leaves women behind.

He may be more of a poor mood setter rather than a poor sexpert. 

However, he is too focused on his own obsession and pursuit of pleasure and leaves the woman behind. Even if it's a hassle, you should teach him how to do it first.

B:3 to 5....Level 31 He may be a self-satisfied man who tries hard, but his desire to fuck spins out of control.

He tries very hard to make the woman feel good. But the difficulty is that it can easily spin out of control and lead to self-satisfying sex. It is not uncommon for a woman to be in tune with him. Try to tell him how you want him to do it without hurting his pride.

C:6 to 7...Level 56 He is a "stretch" who studies in the shadows.

To be honest, he is not that technically sound. 

However, he is aware of this and studies hard to make women feel good. In a sense, he has a lot of room to grow, and he could become a major player if you give him a few "here's how to do it"!

D 8 to 10...... Level 89 He is a technician who understands women and makes them feel.

He is a man who really understands women's hearts. He is a romantic, so when he finds the right point, he will attack it at once. As a result, women will find this sexy and will feel much better. 

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