What does actually tuna(Maguro) mean?

Do you know what it means to be a tuna in a sexual context?

Arina Hashimoto

25 Apr, 2022

What does actually tuna(Maguro) mean? | Sexual Educator News

What does tuna mean actually in Japanese? 

Do you know what it means to be a tuna in a sexual context in Japanese?
Tuna generic name for saltwater fish of the mackerel family (Macropodidae) of the order Perciformes. Bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, albacore tuna, etc. 

The body is large and spindle-shaped, with a blue-black dorsal surface and a silvery-white ventral surface. 

It migrates in the open sea and has well-developed red stripes (hemagai) on its body. It is used for sashimi and sushi.

Japanse call people who do not move themselves during sex, but simply lie down Maguro (Tuna in Japanese) .

The most popular theory is that the origin of the term comes from the fact that the appearance of the partner just lying down on the bed looks like frozen tuna on display at the market.
Most people seem to feel a little disappointed when the person they have sex with is like a tuna(Maguro).

What is tuna...and what state is it in? Characteristics of a person who is called a tuna in a sexual sense.

Tuna is characterized by a lack of response anyway, and no matter what you ask, they either don't answer or "don't know". 

Another characteristic is that they leave everything about sex to the other person and are passive. 

And even if they convey a request, "Try this or that," they refuse to do everything. Sex is communication. It is because the two of you can share beyond feelings of embarrassment that you can build a more intimate relationship. 

Another characteristic is that they are not good at reading timing: they don't talk at all during sex, but afterward, they don't enjoy the afterglow, but immediately try to confirm their partner's feelings or tell them they like them.

Don't let them call you tuna anymore! Techniques to avoid becoming a tuna

  1. Think about what would make the other person happy.
    I don't like watching sex videos, and I honestly don't know what to do, but I try to think about what would make him happy.
    It is true that knowledge about sex in women is mostly proportional to experience. But even if you don't have any knowledge about sex, you should be able to think about what would make your lover happy.

  2. Darken the room, drink some alcohol... make an effort to get rid of your shyness.
    Since we get naked and do this and that, it is naturally embarrassing if you think about it rationally.
    Therefore, it is important to create an environment where we can take off our rational mind as much as possible. If you are shy about being seen, darken the room, put on some music if silence makes you nervous, or drink alcohol to your heart's content. There are many things you can do to enjoy sex.

  3. Make up your body and gain confidence
    Some people are unable to enjoy sex to the fullest because they are not confident in their bodies, and as a result, they end up becoming a bit of a tuna.
    If this is the case, one idea is to have a body that makes you want to show it off more and more. Having an attractive body will work specifically to boost your self-confidence. A healthy body will also stimulate your libido.

  4. Understand that sex is communication.
    Conversation and sex can't happen if it's a one-way street. With a tuna partner, it is the same as continuing to talk one-sidedly with no response.
    Neither conversation nor sex is possible without playing catch-up. If your partner doesn't want to have sex at all while you are saying, I'm only doing it because my partner wants to do it. You are receiving their love through sex, so make sure you return the love.

  5. Ask about your friends' experiences with sex.
    Many women may feel uncomfortable talking about the specifics of sex with other women.
    Even with close friends, it is possible to talk about "what I did or didn't do with him," but it is surprisingly difficult to talk about specific details such as "what he did to me and what I did to him. If you feel that your sex life may not be up to your standard, grab your friend and ask him or her about his or her sex life.

  6. Speak out what you feel during sex.
    When someone says something like, "I really like that, ......," that's all it takes to get me going.
    Simple words are all you need. No explanation is necessary.
    Just say what you feel. In bed, words that are spoken instinctively will sound sexier. Don't think too much about it, just gently tell your partner what you feel.

Some men are just plain boring! How to spot them?

A tuna man is a man who is extremely unresponsive during sex. 

If you want a man to take the lead, but his response is weak or his lead is not good enough, the woman's side will completely regain her equanimity. 

Here are some ways to spot such a tuna man.
The first is to find out if he was the one who confessed his feelings for you when you started dating in the first place.
You can also use kissing to determine if he has a strong desire for skinship.
One of the characteristics of a man is that his kisses are faint.
And a man who has no desire to live in the first place is also very likely to have grown up like a tuna man. Sex is essentially an act of reproduction. If a man has a little zest for life, it is highly likely that his desire for sex is also low.

Enjoy communication beyond the tuna.

Even if you are a tuna right now, there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

It is important to take time from it and see how it grows. 

If you become aware that you are a tuna, or if the other person points it out to you, that is the turning point. Imagine how your actions will make the other person happy.

 Even the slightest change is sure to be accepted and appreciated by the other person. I would like to make an effort to enjoy the act of having sex only with the person I love, slowly and without overdoing it.

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