What kind of sex is enough to heal him after a long day at work?

Some men don't have sex with him because of being tired, but some men are complying. What are some ways to heal him as a woman?

Jamie Chua

25 Apr, 2022

What kind of sex is enough to heal him after a long day at work? | Sexual Educator News

  1. In a position where the man does not move
    If a woman does it with the desire to heal him, anything can be a healing experience.

    "When my boyfriend is tired, I ask him to lie down and just serve him. He just lies on his back. The rest of the time, I'm the one doing all the hard work."

    I touch his body from top to bottom, give him oral sex, and when he gets horny, I get on top of him and move on top of him. Then I finish him off.
    It makes me feel good as well.

  2. Light actions without the actual sex
    They do not do the actual sex, just a little caressing.
    When they are tired from work, many men don't want to have sex.

    "If he doesn't look that exhausted, I will caress his nipples and his penis a little bit. If he doesn't seem too exhausted, I caress his nipples and penis a little, as if to say, I care about you. If he is in the mood, we may go straight to the sex, or we may end with a thank you."

  3. Don't move too much with each other
    If your goal is to soothe each other, here is another way.
    When you are tired from work, sometimes you don't want to do anything.
    I have a great desire to relax, so I try not to think too much about making myself feel better on this particular day.
    But if I'm mainly hugging and playing mellowly without moving much, I may end up feeling too comfortable.

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