Application to show that you are sexually harrased and call the help

Tokyo's government has an application called

Jamie Chua

24 Apr, 2022

Application to show that you are sexually harrased and call the help | Sexual Educator News

A man in his 50s, a company employee, was arrested by the Akabane Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for touching a girl on a train. The arrest was made on March 15.

The victim complained about the incident in the train car, using the function of Digipolis, a free smartphone crime prevention application provided by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The screen of "Digipolis," a crime prevention app from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, for repelling molestation.

According to Akabane Police Department officials, a man is suspected of groping a girl in her teens on a train running between Saitama Prefecture and Kita Ward, Tokyo, on the morning of March 15. He has admitted the charge.

The train was crowded at the time. The girl started an app and showed the screen of her phone displaying "I'm being touched, please help me" to those around her, and also played an automated voice from the application saying "Please stop."

Male passengers who noticed caught the man and the man was seized on the spot and handed over to police officers at Akabane Station.

Digipolis was developed by the Metropolitan Police Department for victims who are too afraid to speak out and has been distributed since 2016.

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