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Edutaiment for Sexual Health

Joanne Peh

6 Apr, 2022

Sexual Educator - Improving Sex Lives Around the World | Sexual Educator News

After almost half a year of being interested in sex education... we've finally launched Sexual!

How did I get started?

When I attended a seminar to help run the event, I was shocked to hear one of the attendees ask the doctor what to do about the pain when having sex. (Or, more accurately, she was asking by sending a direct message to me so that others couldn't see who messaged.)

The reason I was shocked, of course, was that "I had the same problem."

When I was in college or so, everyone started getting over their virginity, and I had heard that everyone was in pain at first, but to be honest, we stopped talking about whether or not it hurt after we are "adults" enough. 

But I was always bothered by the pain. (Or rather, it was so commonplace that I didn't even recognize it as a problem anymore.)

Despite the constant pain, both partners think it should feel good. That being said, I couldn't tell him it hurt, but I simply chose not to have sex with him.

I wondered if there was something wrong with me, thinking that all the women in the world thought it should feel good, but I concluded to myself that all I had to do was just put up with the pain.

However, after the seminar, I did some research and found that 3 out of 4 people have the same experience. Moreover, when I searched online, I found that although there were few direct solutions, there were some solutions such as changing the position.

I was shocked that I had never heard of this before, and at the same time, I thought there must be others like me, so I started Sexual Educator.

We aim to have an edutainment for sexual health. 
I believe sex education has to be taught to everyone, but honestly, if it is too serious I feel shy to talk about it. However, if it has some sort of entertainment it is easier to talk about and remember, get interested to know deeper. 

Therefore, Sexual Educator decided to provide support and edutainment platform for more people to enjoy their sex lives by understanding sexual health via entertaiment. 

Although it is still a simple website, the company plans to partner with sex education experts and companies selling related goods in the future.

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