Did you know there are several types of hostess bars in Japan?

If you have been to Japan before, there are tons of signboard with girl's pictures on the street. We will explain more of those details.

Arina Hashimoto

3 Apr, 2022

Did you know there are several types of hostess bars in Japan? | Sexual Educator News

In Japan, there are A LOT OF hostess bars, one of the statistics says the number of hostess bars in Japan is 54,000 shops over Japan. 

If you have been to Japan, probably you have seen many of them and signboard with a lot of girls with flashy dresses. 
Hostess clubs sound like something where guys can have physical activities, but most Japanese hostess bars don't offer that, they only serve you drink and entertainment with talking with you.

Here are the major types of hostess bars you can find in Japan.

Cabaret Club

A combination of the English words cabaret and club, cabarets are places where a wide range of customers can enjoy themselves on a time-based basis.

Prices is depending on the place, but usually, it is over 10,000 yen per hour. If you nominate a hostess to take your seat, it costs more. 

They will have a conversation with you to entertain over drinking alcohol, but guys are not supposed to touch women. 

Cabaret Club in Japan

Snack Bar 

Unlike cabarets, snack bars are reasonably priced and are not adult entertainment establishments like cabarets, but rather restaurants.

Instead of treating customers one-on-one, customers are mainly served over the counter, and homemade meals and snacks are served.

The customers are mostly elderly, and the system varies depending on the restaurant's management, such as unlimited drinks for unlimited time or unlimited time with bottle-keepers.

The atmosphere is homey and those who feel comfortable often become regular customers

Snack Bar in Japan

Girls Bar 
Girls' bars are similar to snack bars in that customers are served over the counter.

In addition to enjoying drinks and conversation, customers can enjoy a variety of activities together, such as cooking, watching sports, and playing darts.

Prices are often more reasonable than in cabaret clubs and the system varies from time-based to all-you-can-drink.

The clientele is also varied, but the age range is probably younger than the snack bar.

Girls Bar in Japan

There are several types of hostess bars in Japan, and many guys go there not just to enjoy themselves with their friends, they go even for work meetings with clients. 

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