What does Himo man really mean in Japanese?

Have you heard of Himo man? Check out this article to understand what Himo man actually means in Japanese!

Arina Hashimoto

3 Apr, 2022

What does Himo man really mean in Japanese? | Sexual Educator News

In Japan, a "Himo" literally means string.
However, when they say "Himo" man(紐男/ひもおとこ) means a man who does not live on his own but is supported by a woman! 

These are so-called men who do not work and become dependent on women.
There are even some people who don't have work, but being Himo is "work" for them. 

What is the origin and etymology of the term "Himo man?"

There are various theories as to the origin of the term "Himo man" itself, but the most popular theory is that it comes from ama (women divers).

Ama divers dive into the sea with a string attached to their waists when they work, and it is said that the word "Himo man" comes from the way the men on the boat hold the string.


There are many cases where a couple thinks they are in a proper relationship, but their partner thinks they are "just a pimp to get money and goods".

Please refer to the list to identify a Himo so that you will not regret saying, "If I had known he was a Himo, I would have left him a long time ago."

Behaviors to recognize a Himo man

  1. Excessive attention to clothing and hairstyle
    It is said that many Himos, marriage cheaters, and con artists are narcissistic men who are constantly concerned about how they dress and how their hair is styled.
    As the saying goes, "A man's looks are 90% of his character," and many people in the world judge others by their appearance.
    Therefore, it can be said that to continue to be a "Himo man," "marriage scammer," or "con man," one must become a narcissist to maintain a clean and trustworthy appearance.

  2. Behavior when complimented on appearance.
    A Himo man has the awareness and confidence that he is "living off the contributions of women.
    Therefore, they often have more self-confidence than most men, and they are honestly pleased when complimented on their appearance.
    Men who repeatedly demean themselves by saying, "I'm such a ......" are also a problem, but the probability of being a "Himo man" would be lower if they were at least a little humble.
    When a man is complimented on his appearance, he should not only say, "Thank you," but also act confidently and begin to fix his hair in the mirror.
    Also, if he humbly says, "No, I'm not," but begins to worry about his appearance in the mirror or on the windowpane, he may be a Himo man.

  3. I'm fine without my wallet
    A Himo man is always dependent on other people's money, so he is not particularly anxious even if he does not have a wallet.
    If there is something he wants, he will use his phone to tell the women right then and there that he wanted it, or he will tell them when the time is right after he leaves.
    There are two main types of Himo men, and they use the money they receive from women in different ways.

    a)The type that spends the money on drinking and other extravagant activities.
    b)Saving for the future

    Both types, however, take the stance that they rely on the women to purchase whatever they want, as much as they want.

    Be wary of men who are fine without a wallet.

  4. He is good at housework and massage
    Many Himo men, who can be called advanced Himos, are good at household chores such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking, and they are willing to do them even if women do not ask for them.
    This aspect is easily misunderstood by women as "kind" or "for me," they say.

    In addition to housework, many men are also good at massages.

    If he massages you every day, you wouldn't even notice such a thing if he begged you for small favor once in a while.

  5. Not very conscious of continuing to work
    When a woman tells Himo man, "It's hard to get married if you don't work" he says, "I'm going to look for a job to make you happy!" or "I'm awake. I'm going to change my mind."

    The Himo man desperately begs for forgiveness, but he never decides on a new job, and soon returns to his former ways, repeatedly changing jobs.

    Since he relies on other people's money, he has little motivation to work. For the Himo man, it is OK if he can somehow fix the situation and fix the woman's mood.

  6. Good at giving compliments
    It is said that a Himo man must be good at giving compliments to last.
    He finds good points in areas where women are concerned or lack confidence and compliments them in a moderate way that does not make them feel embarrassed.
    For example, to a shy woman, he might say, "I like that you are reserved like that. Many people get into people's hearts and minds, aren't there? He compliments them by saying, "I'm not good at that kind of thing.

    Complimenting a woman is similar to "thanking her for even the smallest things," and is said to help improve her motivation and mood.

    Men who are too good at giving compliments may also need to be wary.


If the person they are dating is a "Himo" who withdraws money and goods from women, many women want to break up with him as soon as possible and have a proper relationship.

However, a Himo man can manipulate a woman's mind in such a way as to make her feel as if she does not want to leave him.

Please refer to the behaviors and words and deeds" that can be called the characteristics of Himo men introduced in this article and try to determine the degree to which your boyfriend is a Himo. 

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