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SexualEducator wants to help clinics/companies that want to approach Japanese customers and markets.

SexualEducator has launched a marketing support service that provides clinics and companies that want to approach the Japanese community or the Japanese market with their cultural understanding and language skills.

Arina HashimotoMay 15, 2022

The act of putting semen in a coffee tumbler is treated as crime

The law and society's attitude have been criticized.

Jamie ChuaMay 11, 2022

Woman who punctured her partner's birth control device Guilty of sexual coercion Germany

A woman was found guilty of damaging a contraceptive without the man's consent

Jamie ChuaMay 11, 2022

It is painful...It may be due to a decline in sexual function. What kind of preparation should we do?

Are you worried that sex with your husband is painful, that you haven't had sex in a few years, or that you don't know how long you will be able to have sex?

Dr. Nahoko IshizakiMay 08, 2022

Electric shocks to the groin increase lasting power. May help prevent premature ejaculation.

Electroshock Therapy to Stimulate the Dorsal Penile Nerve

Joanne PehMay 07, 2022

I have a date and I'm on my period! What should I do?

What are the demerits of having sex during menstruation? We'll explain what women have to deal with when they're menstruating!

Arina HashimotoMay 03, 2022

What happens when you have sex 15 times in one night?

What happens to a man who ejaculates too many times in a row?

Joanne PehMay 03, 2022

Here are the Sexually Active Women Chracteristics

Are there certain characteristics of sexually active women?

Jamie ChuaMay 03, 2022

Best IVF Clinic in Singapore

List of IVF Center in Singapore with Cost Range and IVF Success Rate!

Joanne PehMay 03, 2022

Love Shrines in Kyoto You Must Visit

Looking for some luck in your romantic endeavors? Come visit Kyoto Shirines that you can wish for it!

Arina HashimotoMay 03, 2022

Japan's Only Temple of Boobies!

The Only Temple to enalrge breast in Japan.

Arina HashimotoMay 03, 2022

Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys: The Best Profile Photo to Match More Girls

You're new to a matching app and not getting any matches yet... let's review your profile pictures!

Joanne PehMay 03, 2022

SexualEducator wants to help people have more awareness with the Sexual Wellness News Platform.

SexualEducator has launched an online media to communicate sexual knowledge in a fun way in order to become an Asian hub for disseminating correct knowledge on sexual health.

Jamie ChuaMay 02, 2022

Hihōkan: Japan's vanishing sex museums

Hiho-Kan means hidden treasure. It sounds like a traditional museum name, but it is actually a hirolous sex museum in Japan! Here is what it looks like and the museum information!

Arina HashimotoMay 02, 2022

How to make men feel jealous?

The psychology and behavior of men who are jealous of someone they like! How to make them jealous is also explained.

Joanne PehMay 02, 2022

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