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Has anyone had fertility treatment with Dr. Helena Lim Yun Hsuen from KL fertility center?

I am undergoing infertility and looking at the KL fertility center for my treatment. I have researched about it and I saw Dr. Helena Lim Yun Hsuen is well known and famous. Has anyone had her treatment? How was the experience?

Oct 05HA1 answer

Where should I have IVF in Malaysia?

I’m scrolling through the posts to look for recommendations and see some doctors popping up frequently: - KL Fertility: dr Helena and dr Prashant - Alpha: dr Leong - Metro: dr Tee - Sunfert: dr Wong I think I’ll plan a virtual consultation with some of them to see if there is a personal fit, but if you have any feedback you’d like to share, it’d be very welcome. I’m 38 years old, TTC for 5 years, have a history of miscarriages, and only one tube left after an ectopic. In my last IVF in Singapore, we got 12 eggs, but only 4 fertilized. We’re looking for a dr who’s experienced with more complex patients, is open to having a discussion.

Sep 14HA1 answer

Where to buy ecp pills in Bangkok?

I am looking for emergency contraception pills in Bangkok. I prefer not to see a doctor, but just a pharmacy to get it. Any idea to get ecp pills or moring after pills in Bangkok?


What should I do to take STD/STI test in Bangkok?

I am working in Bangkok and I have suspicious to have gotten STDs. I am searching for STD test kit or clinic, but not sure which one is the proper one. Looking for any advice.


What should I do to get morning after pills in Malaysia?

I had an accident yesterday and I am worried right now. Where should I get the morning after pills in Malaysia?

May 22KE2 answers

Any platforms where I can buy sex toys?

I am a lesbian and I would like to purchase sex toys online. I am located in Malaysia, so any platform that can deliver to the location would be appreciated.

May 151 answer

What does the LGBTQ community in Malaysia look like? 

I am from Singapore, but probably will be assigned the project I need to be based in Malaysia. I am a Lesbian and had a few girlfriends before. I am afraid that as Malaysia is a Muslim country people don't accept the LGBTQ concept. Anyone can share what it looks like over there?


Which one is the best condoms not to get rushes?

I have been using Durex condoms with my partner. However, I think I have a latex allergy as I always get rushes after intercourse. Are there any good condoms that can be used for girls who have a latex allergy in Singapore?


What is the best way to get birth control pills in Singapore? 

I have been using condoms for contraception, but I want to start taking birth control pills. Is there any convenient way to get those? I have work and I am pretty packed on weekdays so appreciate the service I can go on weekends or I can order them online.


What should I do when I have white Bumps on Glans?

I have a lot of white bumps around my glans. I'm worried that people won't like me because of these bumps. Is there any way to get rid of these bumps?

Apr 24PE1 answer

I've fallen in love with someone of the same sex. It's hard to talk about it with anyone, what should I do?

I'm a boy in my first year of high school. Recently, I feel like I've fallen in love with a senior on the basketball team. But I think it's weird for a guy to fall in love with a guy, and I'm afraid to talk about it with other people because they might think I'm weird. What should I do?

Apr 24CH2 answers

How condoms break?

We have been using condoms but is there a way to check properly if condoms are broken or not?


Is it possible to have egg donor in Malaysia?

I am thinking to have egg donor in Malaysia. What would be the procedure?


Does Alpha IVF in Kota Damansara have egg donor program?

I am thinking to have egg donor and I am researching the fertility clinic that can do egg donor. Any suggestions?


I get rushes with normal pads. Are there any sanitary pads that use organic materials in Malaysia?

I always use Kotex for my period pads, but I sometimes get rushes. Are there any sanitary napkins that won't give you rushes?


What should I do if I know I have HIV in Singapore?

I have purchased the HIV test kit and it was positive. I don't want other people to know that I am positive, but I am not sure what to do.


Which condom is good fit for short penis in Los Angeles?

I have tried 5 types of condoms but every time I feel it is too long for me and loses. Is there any good condom that fits me in Los Angeles?


Are period cramps normal?

I have quite strong period cramps and sometimes I can't get up from bed the whole day. My friends seem not to have this heavy period of pain, is my period cramps normal?


Anyone has seen Dr Wong Wen Hao from Metro IVF Fertility Centre for IVF?

I am from Malaysia but working in Singapore. I am looking at using Metro IVF Fertility Center and trying to compare which doctor we should talk to. Any suggestions or any feedback from the clinic?


Would like to have feedback of Dr Tan Chee Hoe from Ever Link Fertility Centre. Anyone here has experience of going through fertility treatment with him?

I am living in Singapore but from Malaysia. I am thinking to go back to Malaysia for fertility treatment. Does anyone have the experience to go through fertility treatment with him?


Anyone has seen Dr Roland Chieng from Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore?

I am thinking to go through fertility treatment, anyone has gone through fertility treatment in Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore?

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